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  1. pennybeau

    Crazy Cracking Lips

    I just recently bought my first two lipsticks Myth and Lollipop Lovin'. But after around 20 minutes of putting it on, my lips start to crack and it looks like the cracks in my lips are actually absorbing all the lipstick. My friend told me that I need to reapply every hour or so, but it just...
  2. pennybeau

    Concealer Problem

    I bought some Boi-ing concealer by Benefit Cosmetics; I wanted to cover up some of my freckles, dark spots my foundation doesn't seem to get, or little cuts from shaving. When I try to put it on BEFORE foundation I end up rubbing it out with my brush. If I apply AFTER it looks to cakey and I...
  3. pennybeau


    I've been around since August, but I've been a little to shy to post. Just been reading and learning. :] Here's a little intro: My name's Matt Korean/French NC25 Dark brown eyes but I mostly wear green/hazel contacts Excited to see you in the forums! :]
  4. pennybeau

    MAC Addict :]

    Hello everyone! I found a reference for here, from the community at livejournal. :] I would just like to meet other make up enthusiasts, and share looks and ideas!