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  1. Dani

    No more spending. Ever. EVER!!!

    Ugh, seriously, I went out and totally forgot I need a new bathing suit for vacay. I might have to knock that down a notch or two on the prioroty list. I got myself: A necklace from Brooks Brothers. (Good job boyfriend, if I hadn't been in there waiting for you to pick dress shirts I never...
  2. Dani

    ...I'm a homewrecker?

    Let me start off by saying I'm 18 and the man in this story is 40 and I shall call him Q from here on (I dunno why I picked Q...anyway...) So I've been friendly with my coworker q for about a year now, and he was talking about his daughter wanting cowboy boots that were very expensive. I have...
  3. Dani

    2 year anniversary FOTN

    Face: Cargo Primer Boots Radiant Glow Foundation Sand studio lights and studiofinish concealor Cargo pressed powder Lightscapade MSF Warmed MSF Joyous BPB Eyes: UDPP Cocomotion pigment Milani rich chocolate e/s Vanilla pigment blacktrack and feline sweet sage fluidline parrot e/s over sweet...
  4. Dani


    This look was such a hassle I used ( FACE: Cargo Blu_Ray Primer Boots Radiant Glow Foundation Sand Studio Lights Studio Finish Concealor MSF Natural Cargo Blu_Ray Pressed Powder Warmed MSF Joyous BPB Lightscapade MSF EYES: UDPP Next to Nothing Satin Taupe Showstopper...
  5. Dani


    I did this for a choir show, but I took the lashes off when I got there cause they were just too much lol. I Used: Cargo Blu-Ray Mattifier Boots No. 7 Illuminating Foundation Sand Studio Lights Studio Finish Concealor MSF Natural Cargo Blu-Ray Pressed Powder Cargo Blu-Ray Blush Warmed...
  6. Dani

    Ecotools Brushes

    Has anyone else tried these? I just got the powder brush and I LOVE it, it's sooooo soft and fluffy. All the brushes in this line have bamboo handles and syntetic bristles, and the metal part (whoops! forgot the technical name!) is made from recycled aluminum (I think thats what the back of...
  7. Dani

    A very flattering letdown

    I was at the MAC store today and I was getting rang up by one of my favorite artisits and we were chatting etc, and she said my eye makeup looked great. As I was leaving she ran out of the store and stopped me and asked if I wanted to MODEL FOR THE NAUGHTY NAUGHTICALS EVENT!!!!! She told me...
  8. Dani

    I skipped class for this FOTD

    LOL!!! Oh well FACE: Boots No. 7 Illuminating Foundation Studio Stick Concealor MSF Natural Alpha Girl Beauty Powder Dollymix Blush Sculpting Powder in Sculpt New Vegas MSF EYES: UDPP Silverbleu shadestick Sunpepper Pigment Smoke Signal Pigment Moth Brown Milani Almondine Milani Java Bean...
  9. Dani

    Myspace freakout

    Umm, it's loud and profane, not sure if that qualifies as NWS. Anyway it's supposed to be funny, but it's pretty sad if you think about it. This kid's lucky he's not my child (assuming he doesn't have any mental problems and he's just being a hellion) . Myspace Kid Freakout is Today's BIG...
  10. Dani

    Multiple FOTD

    I emptied my camera and decided to post a few looks, including Valentines Day and the one from my boyfirend's suprise party for his 20th birthday =). Not quite sure what I used, but I'd like to think it was Studio Fix concealor, MSF Natural, UDPP, Woodwinked, Blacktrack, Covergirl...
  11. Dani

    Rainbow eyes with false lashes

    I loveeee how this came out!!!! I went to see Rocky Horror ♥ This picture makes the bad lash gluing job really obvious Bad lighting, worse face Face: Studio Lights in Sand Studio Stick Concealor MSF Natural Fix+ NARS Orgasm Lightscapade MSF Relfects Antique Gold as a...
  12. Dani

    Sooo ridiculous

    MAC COSMETICS~PIGMENT~SUNPEPPER~NEW IN BOX! - eBay (item 370009291407 end time Jan-03-08 15:38:27 PST) Since when does Sunpepper look like Apricot Pink?
  13. Dani

    LUSH sale haul!!!

    ATTENTION WORLD!!! LUSH IS BUY ONE GET ONE (or two sometimes) FREE ON ALL PRODUCTS MADE BEFORE DECEMBER '07!!!!!! Anyway, I had a giftcard that was burning a hole in my pocket (I had it for all of 24 hours). Celestial face lotion Imperialis face lotion Karma Kream body lotion Sympathy for...
  14. Dani

    CCO + The Originals (and other stuff)

    I got all my marks back from my university the other day, so I went up to Woodbury Commons yesterday. From the CCO I got Waternymph e/s, Apricot Pink pigment, and MSF natural in Medium. From the rest of Woodbury (lol) I got 2 sweaters, a shirt, Betsy Johnson earrings, black high heel boots...
  15. Dani

    Cat and Dog Fur Trade Video *DISTURBING!!*

    I couldn't even finish watching this it was so bad. I got to one part and I felt everything I ever ate in my life coming back up and I had to stop the video. Has anyone else seen this? I'm just sick right now. WARNING: This is extermely upsetting to anyone who has a heart. And especially to...
  16. Dani

    Mostly Drugstore Haul

    Blame it on finals! I got: Milani eyeshadow pot in Java Bean (I think I'm going to be using this ALOT, I love it sooo much) Physicians Formula Flatliner in Black (50% off @ Duane Reade) N.Y.C. Big Apple Red Creme Nail Polish JANE Blushing Petal Blush O.P.I. My Private Jet Nail Polish...
  17. Dani

    DIY Salt Spray

    Hi everyone! I just tried this and I thought I'd share it with you. My hair is curly, and I never liked it, but I tried this and I have to say my curls are growing on me because of it. I took a big spray bottle and filled it with spring water, then I put a TONNN of kosher salt in it. (sea...
  18. Dani

    Colorful Smoke

    I wanted to look pretty for my boyfriend today, so I pulled out my new CCO toys. I loveee how this one came out, I think it's going to become one of my regular looks (especially cause it was so easy to do).
  19. Dani

    Woodbury Commons Mega-Haul (PICS)

    My mommy and I went to Woodbury commons today . I got myself some stuff, and my mom got me a bunch of stuff I can't have till Christmas. Not all of it's MAC, but it's all worth posting, I promise. I'm going to post the stuff I can't have first. UGGS!!!! I usually hate them but these are...
  20. Dani

    Promethieus and Bob Haul

    I went to queens center with my mom today From MAC I got Lime Dandy Glitter Liner and Gold Stroke Pigment. I went very LUSH crazy and got Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo, Flying Fox Temple Balm, Silky Underwear Dusting Powder, Ocean Salt, Schnuggle Body Butter, Champagne Snow Showers Jelly, a...