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  1. marusia

    It's finally here!

    I finally made my own website...what do you think? It's still kind of naked, but what about prices, looks, safety, etc... /admin edit to remove e-commerce link
  2. marusia

    Can someone please talk some sense into me?!

    Argh, I have a gambling problem...big time. It just started recently, but I can't stop for some reason. Am I the only one? Any suggestions? I've tried the free sites, but I just can't seem to quit! It's starting to become a real problem.
  3. marusia

    An idea with this stupid?

    So, my sales have gotten to about 10k a month now. That's between amazon and ebay...I'm too lazy to start a website. I was thinking of starting a blog on wordpress to where anyone who subscribed would get an email every time I wanted to sell something. Here's an example... Mac shadesticks and...
  4. marusia

    My new (naked) love affair with falsies (first fotd)

    face: NC15 Studio Sculpt MSF Light Stereo Rose Happy together for hightlight/contour Eyes: lingering UDPP Eden kid shale shadowy lady carbon opulash dirty GPS rapidblack #34 Lips: Viva cyndi Instant gold lustreglass
  5. marusia

    Another survey for you lovely folks...

    Hey hey, it's me again... I'm trying to figure out how I should take my pictures for ebay listings. Does this photo look clear enough? Do I need something in the background to snaz it up? Any recs?
  6. marusia

    If you could have any "super power", what would it be?

    If I could have any super power, it would be to be able to perfectly communicate with anyone/any living creature...what would yours be?
  7. marusia

    Finally admitting defeat (warning-it's graphic.)

    Let me just say that this will be the most intimate thing you ever see me post...ever...on here. It's a very touchy subject, and since I don't have anywhere private to post, I'll just post it on here, as I've come to know a lot of you as my friends. Today is Bobby's (my fiance) 30th birthday...
  8. marusia

    I need your help deciding my logo!

    Ok, I ordered this from She's given me some examples to pick from, but I seriously can't even narrow it down to 3! Which do you think would be best for my cosmetics site?
  9. marusia

    What am I doing wrong (with my 217 brush?)

    I feel pretty stupid for even asking this, but until recently, I didn't know this was anything more than an eyeshadow brush. (I never used it for blending, just application...I thought it was too big for that too! ) I can use it to blend my nyx milk pencil in just fine, but this is what I...
  10. marusia

    Can you give me color names for OPI?

    Hello, I'm REALLY looking for an OPI color. I really wanted HOT PANTS, but after looking for so long (Seriously, over a year!), I can't find a bottle. I recently paid $15 for a bottle shipped from Sephora. It's called Arm Candy. I was excited because the website said "bright hot pink"
  11. marusia

    Ebay rant (Don't mind me!)

    Argh, I'm so damn tired of ebay buyers messaging me going apesh*t for things that aren't my fault. Seriously people, I send all the items out the very next morning. If the post office lags, that's their fault, not mine. If the post office says it's delivered via delivery confirmation, please...
  12. marusia

    Forget the security blanket...

    Delia would rather have my coach scarf!
  13. marusia

    Shimpagne MSF

    MAC LE ~ A MUSE ~ MINERALIZE SKINFINISH SHIMPAGNE ~ NEW - eBay (item 380229157600 end time May-29-10 13:14:44 PDT) Real or fake? I'm dying for Shimpagne. Well, the whole Fun in the Sun set, and I can't find it anywhere. I've never bought MAC off of ebay...but I'm thinking of giving this a go...
  14. marusia

    Questions for everyone outside of the USA

    Hiya, I had a few questions for everyone outside of the US (since you'll be the one I'm catering to...) I recently got an account with NYX, Coastal Scents, and Sigma. In a couple months, I'm going to have my site up and running offering just about everything that they have... With that being...
  15. marusia

    Do you think I could pull off this hair style?

    This is me: This is the hair style (same exact cut and color) I've been wanting for months: Do you think I could pull it off? If not, what would you suggest? Please excuse the crappy camera pic, but I did it!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I'd been sweating all day, but I still thought it looked...
  16. marusia

    Protecting yourself against counterfeits

    Hi ladies (and gentlemen). I'm writing this guide for all the people I constantly see in this thread asking about what they can do. Let me first start off by saying I'm a business owner myself, and have had to deal with this on some large scale purchases. (Anywhere to $750-$2000). My first...
  17. marusia

    Any one looking for discontinued Smashbox items?

    Hey there, I hope this isn't considered spam, but I wanted to help anyone who needed it...I was wondering if anyone is looking for d/c Smashbox. I have a huge list of items I can purchase from them below retail if anyone is looking for them. It will be at least a month before I get them in...
  18. marusia

    First shots

    So, today I'm taking my daughter to get her 2 month shots. There's going to be three of them and an oral vaccine. She had her Hep B shot in the hospital, but I didn't get to see it. I'm actually really sad because I know she's going to be wondering why we're hurting her. *sigh*. I just wonder if...
  19. marusia

    Airbrush recommendations?

    I'd really like to try airbrushing...but I still don't know what to try. I watch videos and what not, but here's the deal: Every time I see photos, it looks like the face is flawless to begin with. Is there any canned airbrush you'd recommend? Does anyone have before and after (untouched)? Is...
  20. marusia

    Counterfeit guide for Lipglass

    First off, this is my first guide, and it's pretty sucky. I figured something was better than nothing since we don't have a lipglass thread that I've seen. I only had my Nymphette to compare it to, and I didn't have the box...Here goes: I know it's not much, but I hope it helps some of you.