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  1. riacarolina

    It started out as a sunrise... Pink Bronze FOTD

    I began this look with Pink Bronze and Fuschia pigments.. and ended up adding purple and a little grey... hmmmm! CC welcome Face: Smashbox Photofinish Primer in Light MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW25 MAC Studio Fix in N5 Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation in Buff MAC Refined Golden Bronzing Powder...
  2. riacarolina

    ~*Rose Pigment + Vanilla Melons*~ --- Rose Gold Look :)

    Hey Specktra... I look I tried the other day, my first time using rose pigment!!! Sooo pretty... its all golden, rosey, and beautiful. LOVES IT! I used: Eyes: MAC Bare Study Paint Pot MAC Rose Pigment MAC Melon Pigment MAC Vanilla Pigment MAC Sketch E/S MAC Crystal Avalanche E/S Face...
  3. riacarolina

    *Breakin All the Rules* - Who says you can't have pink lips with golden eyes?

    Hello Lovers This is the FOTD for my younger sisters high school graduation... I broke out the frosty pink lips MMMMM I used: Eyes: MAC Bare Study Paint Pot MAC All That Glitters E/S MAC Beige-ing Shadestick MAC Satin Taupe E/S MAC Mulch E/S MAC Shroom E/S MAC Vanilla Pigment MAC Espresso...
  4. riacarolina

    Using Excel to inventory your collection

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum mods! I wanted to find a way to keep inventory on all my MAC, since I'm a MA and I like knowing what I have, how many, and especially, the total cost (for tax/business purposes). I downloaded excel, and I had no trouble listing everything and the prices from...
  5. riacarolina

    DIY UV Gel Nail Kit

    Hey Ladies/Gents of Specktra... I found this on ebay, and thought it would be awesome, but I thought I'd check what you lovlies had to say first... I'm hardly a nail tech thoughts? worth buying? would you use? thankssss loves
  6. riacarolina

    FOTD - Woodwinked gives me Bronzey Eyes :) - First Cape Breton FOTD of the Summer!

    Hey girls!! Just my FOTD from last night... I've moved back in with my parents in Cape Breton for the summer, and I miss the city soooo much already... theres basically nothing to do here, and I know evvvveryone. My sister and a friend and I went out on the town... But took some pics before we...
  7. riacarolina

    Smallville!!! Anyone else lurrrve? hehe

    I am a huuuge Smallville fan!! I get so excited every week for new episodes... I just watched this weeks online today I can't wait till next thursday, so I can find out what Lex has found in that crystal!!! Will he be able to control Clark?! ..... I think not And is it bad that I find Lex even...
  8. riacarolina

    FOTD - Vanilla, Bitter + Humid

    Just another on my way to work FOTD, excuse the mess in the apartment lol, we are moving this week ... lots of work I used: Eyes: UDPP MAC Bare Study Paint MAC Vanilla Pigment MAC Nylon E/S MAC Bitter E/S MAC Juxt E/S MAC Humid E/S Ben Nye brown eyebrow pencil Smashbox lash primer L'Oreal...
  9. riacarolina

    *TWO FOTDS* - I just got Vanilla Pigment! *cheers* :)

    The other day I went to MAC and one of the MAs had the coolest eyeshadow, it was Vanilla over some pink paint pot... sooooo cute Soooo I went back for it yesterday First FOTD: Eyes: UDPP MAC Bare Study Paint Pot MAC Vanilla Pigment MAC Juxt e/s MAC Sumptuous Olive e/s MAC Humid e/s...
  10. riacarolina

    FOTD - Crystal Avalanche + Deep Truth

    Hey there girls! Another FOTD for work... the reason I'm wearing my black collared shirt and hair up AGAIN lol. I wore this to MAC too, and got lots of compliments I used: Eyes: UDPP MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing MAC Crystal Avalanche e/s MAC Tilt e/s MAC Deep Truth e/s Smashbox Lash Primer...
  11. riacarolina

    FOTD Throwback! Pandamonium Eyes

    One of my fave quads... Pandamonium <3 ... I need to get a backup of this lol. I used: Eyes: UDPP MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing MAC Cloudbound E/S MAC Up At Dawn E/S MAC Violet Trance E/S MAC Pandamonium E/S Smashbox Lash Primer L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara Bonne Bell black eyeliner MAC...
  12. riacarolina

    FOTD - Cr-amber-ry Lights

    Hey Girls My FOTD for work... not really what I was going for, but it turned out ok. Eyes: UDPP MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing MAC Amber Lights E/S MAC Cranberry E/S MAC Beauty Marked E/S MAC Pink Bronze Pigment MAC Retrospeck E/S Smashbox Lash Primer L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara Bonne Bell...
  13. riacarolina

    FOTD Humid Greens

    FOTD Humid Greens.... and maybe just a little too much bronzer LOL my work face Eyes: UDPP MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing MAC Juxt e/s MAC Golden Olive Pigment MAC Humid e/s MAC Nylon e/s MAC Stripdown lip liner (brows... lol... I'm weird) MAC Cork e/s (brows) Bonne Bell black eyeliner MAC...
  14. riacarolina

    FOTD Fuchsia Melon

    My FOTD, I just got melon pigment and I loooooooove ANNND got my mac student card finally! I used: Eyes: UDPP MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing MAC Melon Pigment MAC Pink Bronze Pigment MAC Fuchsia Pigment MAC Nylon e/s MAC Hey e/s Face: MAC Studio Fix Foundation MAC MSF Natural in Medium...
  15. riacarolina

    *FOTD* Gleam + Woodwinked

    My FOTD I actually ended up going to my pole dancing class with this look too, but I did it to practice a bridal look for school (I'm taking makeup artistry at the Hair Design Centre in Halifax.) I used: Eyes- UDPP MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing MAC Gleam e/s MAC Woodwinked e/s some random...
  16. riacarolina

    First FOTD - Teal + Golden Olive :)

    Hi there! This is my first time posting a face of the day on specktra, although i've been lurking around for quite a while now. These pics are not the most accurate representation of the color, since they are from my laptop webcam :S but you get the idea my first time uploading pics as well so...
  17. riacarolina

    *new camera* Canon A640!!!!

    ok so I just got my new digital camera, the canon a640! so far it seems to be awesome... i especially love the variable angle display, GREAT for taking makeup shots!!! this was pretty much what sold me on it lol.......does anyone else have this camera? I'll try to post some sample shots later on
  18. riacarolina

    Mac put to the ULTIMATE test!

    Most people consider a makeup good when it survives a night out on the town, or a hot day in the city..... which is no small feat! However, yesterday I had a chance to give our beloved MAC eyeshadows what I think is the ultimate test of longevity: surviving a trip fifteen miles off of the...
  19. riacarolina

    First MAC Haul!!! :)

    I'm from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and we have no MAC stores on the island. This weekend, however, I took a trip up to Halifax, and got to go to a MAC store for the very first time!!! I got: Fluidline in Blacktrack Carbon e/s Shimmermoss e/s 15 pan pro pallette I am soooo excited, I...
  20. riacarolina

    Temporary Perm

    .... has anyone ever had this done? you know.... those perms that are supposed to last for a couple of weeks. back in high school i had an actual perm, but it was really difficult to grow out. i would love to hear from anyone who can tell me more about this!