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  1. Adelina13

    Do you use face serums?

    I have started to use face serums at least 8 month ago, and i really like the result. It really smells good, has solid ingredients, produce immediate and lasting results. There are also some interesting facts about face serums. You can read it here.
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    florence by mills Tinted Glow Yeah Lip Oil

    Oh, it's not a problem, you shouldn't apologize. I just wanted to hear your personal opinion about this product. Post is still interesting, thank you for describing us this oil.
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    Favorite Shopping Apps

    I use Amazon and Shopify.
  4. Adelina13

    What is your the worst travel experiences?

    Egypt. Food was awful, weather is really very very hot, about +35-+37, there are completely dark in 6 p.m. Service of hotel is also greedy. Very bad experience.
  5. Adelina13

    Natural cosmetics taking growth in organic industry, isn't it??

    I totally agree with you. Nowadays people start care about their health, not only about how they looks.
  6. Adelina13

    What would cause this?

    I'm also curious.
  7. Adelina13

    Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

    Wow...Looks great.
  8. Adelina13

    Chantecaille Discussion

    I love it
  9. Adelina13

    MAC Cosmetics X Sims 4

    Wow..sounds amazing
  10. Adelina13

    How Is Everyone Doing?

    That`s so cuteee. I`m pretty good.
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    Me too