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  1. ghostly gossip

    The sims freeplay

    Do u love the sims? And play it in your apple device all of the time? Well come join the thread! Promise u will like the sims a lot after this!
  2. ghostly gossip

    High school story

    If u had heard of the app called high school story and played it, u will probably like this thread! Come join and you'll love this app
  3. ghostly gossip

    One Direction :heart:

    Hey everybody! I am making a new thread called one direction! We can talk anything about Them! My sister me start to like them so I started to give it a try. I am going to watch the movie so see ya and have fun ;D
  4. ghostly gossip

    Teen beach movie

    Come and join if u love the movie! To me it is awsome, so state your fave charater and if u did the interative quiz are u most like Mack, Brady, Lala, or butchy ;) have fun
  5. ghostly gossip


    So far I started to make two threads, this one is called moviestarplanet! It is an online website where u can create your own movie star and have fun! Anyone one who come,thank u for joining this thread. ;)
  6. ghostly gossip

    Minecraft youtubers

    Hey,ghostly gossip here as making a new thread called minecraft youtubers. Here we can talk about all of the videos,Fanfiction,and more! I am willing to share tons of things with u!