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  1. bartp

    Rihanna - disturbia challenge: this was the result.

    Hi everyone, Together with some friends we were doing a Rihanna-disturbia challenge and I thought I'd share the result with you. this was what I used for the look: - Mac Face and body foundation N3 - Mac Full Coverage black foundation - chromacake white and black - Mac fluidline Silverstroke...
  2. bartp

    Will there be any foundations left? Foundations being DCd in Sep/Oct 08

    I just checked the .com site and all these foundations are TOD'ed: studio stick NC32, NC43, NW23, NW47 full coverage : bye bye all of them select spf : NC55 select tint : bye bye all of them studio mist : bye bye all of them hyper real : bye bye all of them Does anyone know what is...
  3. bartp

    experiment : neo sci fi with a hint of naughty nauticals

    products used: face : base: select cover NC20 prep + prime eyes moisturelush eye cream eyes: mixing Mutiny pigment with Clarity Matte2 solar bits : Black ore + sunpower evening aura (LE) e/s magnetic fields (LE) e/s blacktrack fluidline eyeliner gold eyeshadow from Dress Camp...
  4. bartp

    Questions about the MAC Pro Store in New York

    hi, I just saw this information on the site. MAC Pro | What's New Has anyone visited this flagship store, or does anyone have any experiences or pictures to share? The shop sounds amazing.
  5. bartp

    icy breeze of winter (and antiquitease as inspiration)

    hi cold weather... cold colors and trying to find inspiration in the Antiquitease look. That meant, a lot of white and powdery transparent colors. I didn't want to imitate the gold eyeliner (although I do like the effect). So here is the result: what did I use: base : Paint Pot ...
  6. bartp

    halloween experiment

    hi guys and girls, I've been experimenting with McQueen stuff, Matte2 and Antiquitease stuff. It's all in the spirit of Halloween and a small disclaimer: the looks might seem a bit over-done or too powerful , but keep in mind that my background is theatre makeup and that i start bold, and then...
  7. bartp

    Holiday '07 Product Information

    hi, WWD just reported that MAC is planning new limited edition scents. More details are available in the meantime (source : here is the summary of the thinks that will get all of us camping in front of MAC stores: - MAC’s Stylistics wont...
  8. bartp

    which fragrance does Mac uses in the Mac Pro stores?

    each time I enter my Mac Pro store, I'm welcomed by this nice vanilla scent. Yest there's a candle burning in the store, but there must be something else happening behind the scenes. I like MV2 but it's still not the same fragrance. Does anyone know what scent they use in the stores? thanks