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  1. MACisLOVE

    nocturnelle, formal black/holiday & brow beat haul

    from nocturnelle: suspicion e/s wait til dark e/s passionate e/s endless love e/s entremauve pigment desirous blush from holiday/formal black: warm eyes intense eyes face brushes brow beat: brunette brow finisher brow shader in walnut/ivoire 208 small angled brow brush
  2. MACisLOVE

    nude/flesh colored lipstick

    i really want a nude/flesh colored lipstick from MAC since i don't own any lipsticks! any recommendations? i'm NC42 with brown eyes. TIA!
  3. MACisLOVE

    new here :)

    i've been looking at this forum forever and i finally decided to register, i've been in love with MAC for about 2 years now, i'm addicted