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  1. Leven

    Just grabbed an application...

    I'm really excited right now, even if it is a little silly. I just popped by my favorite local MAC counter and got an application. They said they have an opening for someone to handle stock, at least its a start =] and besides, I wanna graduate from high school before I become an artist...
  2. Leven

    Discontinued 272 Brush vs. 217 Brush

    hey everyone I'm in love...with the 272 brush, its perfect for crease work (especially on people with smaller eyes) and its so damn soft. The angle on the brush works very well. i would buy 10 more if i could. the problem is, Mac discontinued it Sooooooo, iv'e heard great things about the...
  3. Leven

    NARS 2009-Holiday Collection

    Ive seen little bits from the new holiday collection from NARS pop up backstage at shows. Here is what i know is coming out so far: A new Multiple in Luxor A Cream Eyeshadow in Mousson If anyone has any more products or Pictures they want to share please do! Thanks
  4. Leven

    Favorite Guilty Pleasures! (songs)

    Whats your favorite song that you know that you should hate, but when you hear it you always find yourself singing/dancing to it? For me its the Macarena YouTube - Macarena I think its because it reminds me of when i was really young and i would go over my freinds house. They were Cuban...
  5. Leven

    Avoiding the Ahsy Look

    Hey everyone, i just had a quick question for you all. What is the best way to avoid that ashy/grey look on darker skintones. I have read that using foundations that have golden undertones can prevent this. Do you guys have any other tips? Thanx
  6. Leven

    Spring/Summer-Fall/Winter Makeup?

    I just thought about something and wondered what you all think. Maybe im a little jaded because i live in South Florida where are seasons consist of warm weather in the fall/winter time and warm weather with rain in the spring/summer time, but i find is kinda silly when people on youtube talk...
  7. Leven

    DC'd Items in MAC Stores/Counters

    Okay, so i have always wondered... You know how at MAC Counters or stores, behind the stands holding all the makeup(or in that general area), there are with DC'd itemslaying around. I was wondering what its for? Can you acutally buy the stuff? This is because i was at MAC recently, and...
  8. Leven

    MAC - Rumoured All Black Collection Later This Year?!

    Has anyone else heard of this? (I apologize if there is already some stuff on the forum about this) Beauty Counter blog: Insider tips on beauty products, hair, makeup, skincare, fragrances, spas, and salons Blog Archive MAC + Jin Soon = Nail Magic? Black lipglosses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!