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  1. Miss Pumpkin

    Carmen Miranda Inspired

    Here's the tutorial for a super bright look I did using the 120 Pro Palette that you can find on Ebay. YouTube - * Carmen Miranda * (English)
  2. Miss Pumpkin

    Inspired by Katie Melua

    One of my suscribers requested this look Katie Melua's wearing in the "Two Bare Feet" video, so I gave it a shot! Let me know what you think! Tutorial on my YouTube Channel!! I USED: MAC Paintpot Layin Low Deliplus Bronze jumbo eyeshadow Beauties Factory 120 Palette MAC Museum Bronze...
  3. Miss Pumpkin

    60s Mod Look

    Tutorials in Spanish and English on my YouTube channel! YouTube - 0misspumpkin's Channel USED: MAC Blacktrack fluidline MAC Layin Low paintpot MAC Carbon eyeshadow MAC Gorgeous eyeshadow MAC Electra eyeshadow Random light peach blush MAC Deceptive lipstick Nixie Cosmetics Volcanic lipgloss
  4. Miss Pumpkin

    Purple Peacock

    Here's another look from a while ago!!! And here's my YouTube Channel, if you like my videos please subscribe, so I can start hosting contests and attend requests and have some good stuff going on!! YouTube - 0misspumpkin's Channel USED IN THIS LOOK: MAC Paintpot Layin Low MAC Newly...
  5. Miss Pumpkin

    I'M BACK!!! * Candy Apple *

    Hey there girls!! It's been aaaaaaaaaages since I last posted and I've got tons of new looks to post! I also want to present to you my YouTube Channel!!! YouTube - 0misspumpkin's Channel USED: MAC Paintpot Layin Low Kryolan Cherry MAC White Frost Kryolan Glitter Black MAC Blacktrack...
  6. Miss Pumpkin

    * Pastels *

    Here's today's look, it's been a while since I posted so I better catch up! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!!! MAC Layin Low Paintpot MAC Sugar Blue MAC Vex Nixie Cosmetics Rainy Dream MAC Soulsong MAC Blacktrack Fluidline MAC Ebony eyepencil Chanel Exceptionnel...
  7. Miss Pumpkin


    Yesterday I was a bad girl and bought the smokey eyes palette So today I did super smokey dark eyes with a touch of blue! I hope you like it! USED: MAC Blanc Type MAC Aquadisiac MAC Satin Taupe MAC Espresso MAC Carbon MAC Pencil in Ebony Sephora Lash Plump mascara Biocura Tender...
  8. Miss Pumpkin

    Green Barbie

    Here's a look that I hadn't posted in here, it's from a few days ago, I hope you like it!!! USED: MAC Layin Low Paintpot U.M.A. shock colors e/s shocking green MAC Blanc Type Deliplus Green liner Chanel Exceptionnel mascara MAC Mineralize Blush Gentle Biocura Pink Flower...
  9. Miss Pumpkin

    Gwen Stefani's "4 AM" Look

    I decided to copy Gwen today, and I'm quite pleased with the outcome!! The inspiration YouTube - 4AM - Gwen Stefani USED: MAC Electra MAC Blanc Type MAC Blactrack Fluidline Random cheap lashes Biocura Tender Blush Duo MAC Kistchmas Random cheap lipgloss
  10. Miss Pumpkin

    My boyfriend did my makeup!!!

    The most suprising thing is that he didn't do a bad job at all... I don't know what he used, but I can sure say that he loved Platinum pigment
  11. Miss Pumpkin

    Pearl Twirl

    Hello ladies!!! Here's a purply look from a few days ago, tutorial soon on my YouTube channel!!! USED: MAC Paintpot Layin Low Fabiani Twist Up e/s Glitter Stick MAC Pinkling MAC Sweet Lust MAC Sketch MAC Beauty Marked MAC Blacktrack fluidline Manhattan Kajal 66Q MAC Mineralize blush...
  12. Miss Pumpkin

    Hot Copper

    Here's yesterday's look, using MAC's Warm Eyes Intriguing Scarlet palette, I looooooooove it Now I want the Smokey Eyes too! I hope you like it!!
  13. Miss Pumpkin

    Frost Bite

    Here's today's look!!! I've uploaded the tutorial for this look to my YouTube channel, in case you're interested! YouTube - * Frost Bite * (English) I hope you like it!!! Yesterday I went to MAC to get the Intriguing Scarlet Warm Eyes palette and they gave me sample... the...
  14. Miss Pumpkin

    Reptilia (pic heavy!)

    Here's today's look!!! My boyfriend picked the name I also want to announce the opening of my YouTube channel!!! I hate my voice on videos, but oh well!! You can choose the tutorial language: Spanish or English! (mind my craptastic accent, haha!) YouTube - 0misspumpkin's...
  15. Miss Pumpkin

    Editorial-ish Look with Low Budget brands

    Here's the look I created for Mylanqolia's Blog Contest!! The idea was to create something over the top with low-end brands, and here's the results!! You can have a look at the other girl's wonderful entries and cast your vote here: The creative contest contributions « Mylanqolia’s Make-up...
  16. Miss Pumpkin

    Poison Ivy or Early Xmas?

    Bwahahaha! I decided to wear my favourite combination today, green eyeshadows and red lips!!! I hadn't done it in a while so I thought it was about time!! I loooooooove green eyeshadows USED: MAC BlancType MAC Lustreleaf MAC Swimming Claire's Charcoal eyeshadow MAC Blacktrack...
  17. Miss Pumpkin

    Sporting the Pornstar look

    I don't get to wear much makeup during the week (stupid job...) So I decided to take revenge today and do something dark and extreme... and here's my pornstar look!! This was sooooooooo quick, it seriously took 5 minutes! Loved the results though USED: MAC Layin Low paintpot...
  18. Miss Pumpkin

    Gold & Green & Sexy

    I think today's look made my eyes look quite sexy Hope you like it!!! Welcome to Pore-land!!! USED: MAC Layin Low paintpot Inglot Gold and Brown eyeshadows MAC Blanc Type MAC Blacktrack Fluidline Nixie Green eyeshadow Chanel Exceptionnel mascara Essence eyebrow kit MAC Serenely...
  19. Miss Pumpkin


    Just a quick look I did last week and I hadn't posted yet!! YAY IT'S FRIDAY!!! USED: MAC Layin Low paintpot MAC Blanc Type MAC Slated Essence blue eyeshadows from Ibiza Lounge Collection Random Cheap Blue liner Sephora Lash Plumper mascara MAC Gentle mineralize blush Essence Sweet...
  20. Miss Pumpkin

    * Latest Modeling Images!! *

    This is exciting, I'm working on images for a retro/pinup book that shall be released around Easter!!! A book full of retro-ME!!! It will probably be published in California and available online! Great news! The photographer in all of these is the amazing Miguel A. Muñoz Pellicer - Reportage...