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  1. macedout

    Makeup/Dressing unveiling to classic glam

    ya'll inspired me to turn my spare bedroom into a makeup/dressing room, after I gave away an extra bed to a family member who needed it. i now get much more (daily) use out of this room. dear hubby just anchored the mirror onto the vanity tonite. the vanity is actually a sturdy maple wood...
  2. macedout

    Miracle solution for metal x cream e/s- no more flaking or creasing!!!

    hi all like many out there i am a metal x lover/hater. I bought metalblu cream e/s because of the gorgeous color- intending to use as an eyeliner or base to pop my other blue shadows. well, it's been sitting in my vanity for over a year due to its finiky & flaky consistancy. not anymore...
  3. macedout

    metal x e/s -long lasting? what combo to layer and not crease?

    JUST haul'd the blue metal x e/s from cco and would like 2 use it as a base for my mac e/s, sorta like a p/p. i've heard it creases though what should i layer underneath the metal so it doesnt crease? also what brush to use w/metal? udpp? pls advise. i love this color!
  4. macedout

    cco in strasburg, pa (amish town)

    has anyone been to this cco recently? what do they have? TIA
  5. macedout

    coastal scents neutral e/s palette- ur opinions pls

    just hauled the neutral e/s palette from and wondering if anyone else has it, and if ur a fan of it or not....and if u have any tips (best base for these e/s) i find the lighter colors very "powdery" and disappear easily. pls help! tips for success greatly appreciated...
  6. macedout

    134 brush--do u love it & ur fav uses

    i have the 134 mac brush and its soooooo soft i just use it after my fix fluid, to apply loose cover girl translucent powder to set my i selling this brush short? do u have other great uses for tell! TIA
  7. macedout

    best base for electroflash e/s

    calling all electroflash e/s fans: what's the best base under these-paints, p/p, udpp, ccb? i having a hard time figuring this out, i just recently bought udpp and feel like returning it, so convince me otherwise.... TIA i put fix fluid all over face and eyes, then udpp on eyes, then luna ccb...
  8. macedout

    pls help identify this feria color in old JLo commercial..

    pleasse help me clarify what color j lo is wearing in this 2001 ad for loreal feria...what # is written on the box? i think it says 36 on the box in the lower left corner, but i need extra sets of eyes, to be sure, since it passes so fast! TIA YouTube - L`Oreal - Jennifer Lopez
  9. macedout

    EZR--can't find on it d/c or called something else.....

    i'm looking to buy mac ezr, but can't find it!!!! on, is it discontinued? or called something else? my search results either bring 0 results or 2 products: matte or moisturelush eye cream, is it either of these 2? pls help, i feel like i just saw it last week, and now its hiding...
  10. macedout

    how do u use W &W mega eyes cream shadow? pls tell!

    just hauled wet n wild cream shadows, great deal for 4$, BUT I FIND IT SO SLIPPERY... any tips, how do u use it for an e/s base? (should i put mac paint on eye 1st?, what brush? does this w&w crease?? i bought on rec of fellow specktralites,,,u guys haven't failed me yet. TIA
  11. macedout

    what BASE/PRIMER do u use for glitter on eyes??

    pls help: i just bought tons of glitter from and need to know what to use to keep the glitter on my eyelid? i tried duo eyelash adhesive, worked but itched like a mofo! paintpots didnt quite do the trick. i'm trying to get longlasting punch of glitter. tia
  12. macedout

    CG pressed powder vs loose powder-pls clarify difference...

    just hauled both cover girl translucent loose powder and covergirl smoothers translucent pressed powder here's maybe dumb qu. but, can i use them interchangeably? which one do i use to catch p/g fallout under my eyes? pls help me to differentiate the uses for each of these,,,,TIA
  13. macedout

    what r ur top drugstore picks--fill in the blanks & play along

    i thought it would be majorly helpful to compile a list of high quality drugstore products,for the basic makeup bag, on the go/travel, so u don't have to risk losing or breaking mac...this list will save us all $$ for mac LE!! fill in the blanks/feel free to add more....TIA! moisturizer...
  14. macedout

    what's ur fav empty e/s palette? & how 2 organize?

    i will be creating my 1st ever e/s palette and would like to know if u guys prefer mac's 15 e/s pro palette or have another fav? please let me know where to get it (online or in store-does sally beauty carry these?) & cost, if not from mac. also do u all organize by color family or something...
  15. macedout

    what NJ/NY stores sell nyx?

    hi can anyone tell me where to find nyx cosmetics in nj/nyc area? i have lots of drugstores round here, cvs, walmart, ekert, rite aid, i d like to see in person....thx
  16. macedout

    best drugstore waterproof mascara--pls vote

    i need a waterproof mascara-always tearing, please let me know ur fav drugstore brand! thanks
  17. macedout

    alert: warm chill's best friend is def a paint pot

    hi all just wanted to let y'all know that warm chill needs a best friend-a paint pot. or else it's just about worthless, way too sheer, so i found it best to pair it with rollockin p/p, if u want it to look true to its color or else with delft p/p for a bolder color than in the e/s pot... (it...
  18. macedout

    whats ur BEST way to use 213 brush?

    i have 213 brush, and am disliking it lately .... can u post best ways to use this brush/where on eye? (i guess my beef is that it's more "flimsy" than 239...and maybe gives less intense color, am i wrong?)should i use in a packing motion or some other way?? TIA
  19. macedout

    FAN brush deal (under $3

    just wanted to let u guys know that a fan brush is avail at michaels craft store for $2.99, its HUGE and very soft, may dupe mac 184 fan...i'll try it tomorrow, for fall out cleanup. ( if you're looking for it, its in the paint brushes aisle and has a very LONG handle, white swirled with...
  20. macedout

    partners for PROVENCE p/g

    just picked up provence p/g in cco, and was wondering if anyone has great combos--what do i pair with this piggie/where do you recommend it, lid or highlight-tear duct, under brow? (i'm nc25 w/ olive)TIA