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  1. heenx0x0

    Pigment Sample Price Breakdown??

    I'm swapping with someone and it would be so helpful if someone knew what 1/2 teaspoon of pigment breaks down to in dollars. Thanks!!
  2. heenx0x0

    I just spent 3 hours listing my sale/swap and now I lost all my info. Please help!!!

    I just spent hours writing all my for sale/swap items and I wanted to look up a description for one of my items and I typed it into the toolbar and then went a couple pages forward and went I hit the back button and went back all my information I had written was gone. It was just blank. If...
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    My powers out... thank god for my lap top and Specktra!!

    I didn't know the power had gone out until I went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water and the light in the fridge was out!! Because I was in my room on my laptop and I was listening to a Cd on it so what I was concentrating on wasn't affected! Thanks god I have my lap top or I'd be soooo...
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    2 totally different pictures of Goldmine, which does it actually look like?

    I have to travel kind of far to get to a MAC counter so I like to buy online. Because of those horrible color squares on their website I've now started going to eBay to get a real picture of the item. Here are 2 pics of Goldmine, please tell me which one Goldmine actually looks like. TIA! 1 2
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    The ocean aint got nothin on me!!

    Here's my gorgeous blue FOTD! I am so proud of this look because I have never used blue before but I really like the way it all came out!! Face: Bare Escentuals Foundation in Light Cheeks: Benefit Georgia all over with MAC Tenderling on apples of cheeks Eyes: Estee Lauder Pure Color...
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    My 2 Specktra Challenge FOTD's

    First is the Kevyn Aucoin's 'Abstract eyes' Challenge I did today: And second is the Doll Face Challenge I did the day before yesterday:
  7. heenx0x0

    Sable or Satin Taupe?? Please help!

    I want a dark brown to blend into my outer V, I need some dimension in my brown collection. I have MAC's Romp and Bronze, and UD's Smog and I would like a shimmery brown that's darker than all of those but that also has a nice kick to it (nothing boring). I was thinking Sable or Satin Taupe. I...
  8. heenx0x0

    Another Star Violet FOTD

    Please pay no attention to the unruly brows, I forgot to put brow gel on this morning! Face: Bare Escentuals Light Foundation Cheeks: MAC Coygirl with MAC Tenderling over it Brows: Smashbox Smashing Brunette Lips: MAC C-Thru lipglass with Tutti Dolci Cinnamon Frosting gloss over it Eyes: Stila...
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    Yay! Depotting is fun!!

    I just depotted 2 eyeshadows and damn that was hella fun!! I just happened upon the depotting tutorial and it reminded me that I have two pan eyeshadows I would REALLY like to get into pots. I have a bunch of eyeshadows I need to put up for swap/sale so I used two of those to depot. It was my...
  10. heenx0x0

    Can anyone tell me where I can find MAC's White Wheat Eyeshadow?

    I just saw a picture of it for the first time and I now I HAVE to have it! No one has it for sale here and I can't find it @ or any of the other sites I buy MAC from. Is it discontinued or LE? Please help!!
  11. heenx0x0

    My Star Violet FOTD w/ pics

    Actually it was my FOTD yesterday! After doing my last FOTD I got some suggestions that I would look good in purple eyeshadow. Star Violet is the closest thing I have to purple. I only used it once before to test it and I thought it didn't suit me. Now I'm not so sure, I think I really like it...
  12. heenx0x0

    My very first Specktra FOTD w/pics...please take a look!

    Foundation: Bare Escentuals Light Foundation and Mineral Veil over it Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas Paint as base UD Smog with MAC Woodwinked layered over it MAC Goldbit to highlight and blend and Smog under bottom lashes to line With LOTS of Lancome Hypnose Mascara in black Brows: Smashbox Smashing...
  13. heenx0x0

    rec for shimmery nude MAC e/s

    I need some nude MAC shadows and I hate how their website has those stupid swatches of color instead of a picture of the actual product! I'm thinking about Rice Paper, Shroom, Nylon and Naked lunch. I think naked lunch might be a little bit pink. I don't want any pinks. More like shimmery...