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  1. Cinfulgirl

    MAC Prices in Mexico

    Hey everyone, I'll be going to Mexico next month, and I was wanting to check MAC there,. Anyone that has been to one in Mexico or live in Mexico help me out? Thanks.
  2. Cinfulgirl

    Mac Foundation

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a different type of MAC foundation, I recently bought the Mineralized Satin Finish,but I find it makes me to shiny which I dont like. I did tell the MA that my face was oily on the t-zone, and I've read its not for oily skin, Can anyone recommend a...
  3. Cinfulgirl

    Hello everyone =]

    Hey there, Im Cindy, I've been using makeup(eyeliner,mascara) just simple stuff,, and recently got more into eyeshadows from MAC and Urban Decay Well hope I learn few tips and tricks here (: