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  1. liquidstar

    Do people still collect postcards?

    I used to be obsessed with MAC but now that I am older I don't really care anymore haha. Wish I didn't waste so much money on makeup I don't wear and can't sell. Anyway, I used to save all the postcards that I received in the mail, would they be worth anything if I tried to sell on eBay...
  2. liquidstar

    VS Adhesive push-ups--anyone tried?

    Strapless bras seem to weigh me down and I wonder if these would give me some lift under a dress...I uses to be C then lost weight and am now a B, they aren't as perky as I would like LOL...and I'm 23 :/ I've tried the kind that you stick on then hook together in the middle but that weighed me...
  3. liquidstar

    Megan Fox foundation and lip gloss recs

    I love both of these looks in these pictures. Anyone have ideas for foundations and lip glosses that would be similar to what she's wearing? It doesn't have to be MAC Here are links to the enlarged images if it helps:
  4. liquidstar

    Does anyone know who this model is from the Lightful collection?

    She looks so familiar and it's driving me crazy, I know she looks like someone but it's not coming to mind Thanks! =)
  5. liquidstar

    That's a wrap mascara--teal

    Has anyone had good luck with this? I bought it today and tried it, it doesn't really do anything for my lashes and you can hardly see the color, I think I may return it if I can't get it to work again the next time I use it.
  6. liquidstar

    Business card question

    Is there a way to make a business card online so I can print out and use before I order some? I want to apply for the MAC pro card, and I plan on using my Esthetician license and a copy of my business card for freelance makeup. Any tips on what I should put on there? Would I get rejected if I...
  7. liquidstar

    Mngmnt major, should I add Finance as a minor?

    I'm a Management major and right now I'm taking a basic Finance course that everyone in business has to take. I am thinking that I really like it, it's not that easy for me but I think I can get the hang of it. The thing is, I was planning to graduate next Spring and if I add Finance as a...
  8. liquidstar

    For those that live in the Orlando area...

    Does anyone happen to know of any spas hiring estheticians in the North Orange County, Seminole, or Volusia County area? I'm having a very hard time finding a place, last week I went to about 15 spas with little to no luck. I know this is a long shot but it never hurts to ask
  9. liquidstar

    Body hair and bc pills question

    Ok I'm trying to get on schedule with waxing (waxing, then waiting 4 weeks then waxing again to get all the hair on the same schedule) but I just can't do that so I just shave in between. Lately though, I've noticed that shaving is become tougher, it's not getting all the hair. I always...
  10. liquidstar

    Question for those with side swept bangs

    I recently got my hair cut and I got bangs for the first time since I was like 7. My hair was styled when I got it cut and today will be my first washing since then. My stylist used a wax for the bangs which I bought, but she also used a couple other things. What types of styling products...
  11. liquidstar

    Need help matching this lipstick

    I'm not sure where I found this picture, I saved it for the hair style, but I noticed how nice her lip color was. I'm really bad at matching that sort of thing because I don't have very many lipsticks, does anyone have an idea of a color that looks similar to this one? It doesn't have to be MAC...
  12. liquidstar

    can you use smashbox's photo finish under mineral makeup?

    I got a sample of the primer and I see so many great things about it that I want to try it, I'm just wondering if it would still be ok to use under my Bare Minerals foundation.
  13. liquidstar

    smashbox roxy brush roll?

    I was thinking about getting the roxy brush roll, but is it something that's really worth it?
  14. liquidstar

    I need help re-creating the eyeliner in this pic...

    I wasn't exactly sure where to post this so hopefully this is the right section. I was looking through some magazines at work today for hairstyles and I fell in love with the eyeliner on this girl. It's so pretty and I would like to be able to do it. I usually use fluidline with the 266...
  15. liquidstar

    Lip color help

    Hello I should have asked this earlier but I forgot but I need help finding a lip color for tonight. I'm wearing the pink and purple (I forgot the names) shadows from the sweetie cake quad and I don't know what lipstick would match, I don't have many to choose from but this is what I have if...
  16. liquidstar

    MA's: Do you use the makeup in your kit for yourself?

    This is sort of a weird question, but the only way to find out the answer is to ask soo... For those that freelance, do you have separate makeup for your personal use or do you use the same make up that you would use on clients? I would definitely have brushes, foudation, mascara, eyeliner...
  17. liquidstar

    Hi I'm sorta new too :)

    Hey everyone. I just discovered this little section of Specktra so I decided to introduce myself. I'm not sure what to name is Jennifer, I'm 21 and I'm from Orlando, FL. I've been wearing MAC for several years but mostly just foundations until about a year and a half ago. I'm also a...