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  1. apocalypgloss

    Moving! Pat McGrath, Melt Cosmetics, Rare MAC collectibles, Dose of Colors, more

    Moving house next month. These are things that I've either hoarded for a while because they were fun to have or things that arrived looking different than I had expected. It is time for them to find new owners that will do more than let them sit in a box. US Flat Rate Priority shipping...
  2. apocalypgloss

    Has anyone played with Inaz Cosmetics yet?

    I discovered Inaz Cosmetics on someone's Tumblr. Her ordering system is sort of odd--you pick your colors out on Facebook, email her, and she invoices. They are a very young company and do not have a more advanced system in place. They seem to have colors that are either almost wet-like...
  3. apocalypgloss

    Red Cherry False Lashes

    I've been buying Red Cherry false lashes and they are every bit as lovely on myself and my clients as the MAC lashes I've been using for the past 9 years. They have a lot of cuts from natural to wild. Quite a few of them have similarities to MAC lashes and they are cheaper than MAC...
  4. apocalypgloss

    Rave for Real Techniques brushes

    I'm in love with my Real Techniques brushes put out by Samantha of Pixiwoo. They have some unique brush cuts that aren't like anything I've seen from MAC along with some standards that every line has. They are all synthetic but feel delightful. They are every bit as good as my MAC and...