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  1. HotLady1970

    Tailormade Lip Palettes

    So...I'm very confused about these! I got them through a swap and I can't seem to figure out if there are now some glosses in it or not! Fashion Card is listed as a "G" on the back but here in the Color Stories area it says Lustre! So what does the G stand for? Gloss or Glaze (the...
  2. HotLady1970

    MAC Boombox (UK exclusive)

    For some reason this doesn't pop up in the Color Collections area and so I post it here! It comes with a cute T-Shirt in three sizes and a Boombox Book! I really want one of these shirts!!
  3. HotLady1970

    UK exclusive: Boombox Discussion

    A cool shirt with 3D-glasses and a book Click the text for a link! Available now!
  4. HotLady1970

    Intense Eyes Palette - With a Twist (VS) ?!?!

    I just checked the back of my palette and it says "With a Twist (VS)" OK so I know there's VP (Veluxe Pearl), VX (Veluxe) and V (Velvet) but what the heck is VS? Velvet Satin? Victoria's Secrets?
  5. HotLady1970

    Online exclusive: Silverette with products 1142 It's soo cute!!
  6. HotLady1970

    Can you tarnish a shimmery e/s / pigment?

    I was just wondering about this? I'm looking for some e/s, pigment or whatever that helps me to turn a shimmery product into a matte one because I can't think of one product right now that helps me in that area! To make clear what I's an example: Let's say I use Golden Olive...
  7. HotLady1970

    Sweet sweet haulage....

    My fiance decided to make yesterday a very special day for all started with "Oh damn I need to get my mum a birthday present! Let's go!" He didn't tell me where we were going so no makeup on my face (I though he'd just go for some IKEA and Bed Bath & Beyond stuff...why to dress up? What...
  8. HotLady1970

    Does anybody have the color info about the Formal Black palettes?

    And I dont mean the names (yeah well OK I do mean names) but I also want the "nice" descriptions to it or any other help! Thanks in advance!
  9. HotLady1970

    MAC Traincase 2.6 and 1.6 in silver and black?

    Is there anymore info about these ones out yet? Or even pics? Sorry if there was a post about this before!
  10. HotLady1970

    Hello and Hi!

    I came over here from a link on MakeupAlley, although I'm not a huge MAC fan (I'm absolutely in love with Urban Decay, don't hate! ), I am a huge makeup fan! Ohh those smilies are so cute!