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  1. Lndsy

    Konad Yellow Polish

    Does anyone else have trouble with this polish? I cant seem to pick it up on my stamper, and it is making me super mad! I bought 5 other polishes and they all work fine, is it just the curse of yellow polish to never work for me!?
  2. Lndsy


    I love the look of polishes with a jelly like finish. I am always trying to find more! One of my favourites is NYX Las Vegas, a dark green with green glitter that looks like it is lit from with in, so pretty! What are your favourite jelly polishes?
  3. Lndsy

    Jumpin Jade vs Outta Bounds

    I just got a bottle of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Jumpin Jade and I was planning on ordering China Glaze Outta Bounds, and I was just wondering are the similar enough that I dont need both? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Lndsy

    Three simple looks, lotsa pictures!

    Please excuse my weird bangs! Look 1: face: Select Moistureblend nw20 MSFN Light Medium Pink Swoon Petticoat eyes: Dark Influence richmetal highlighter Beautiful Iris Satellitet Dreams Violet pigment Blacktrack Plushlash Lips: I am thinking its Fulfilled plushglass Look 2 Face: Same...
  5. Lndsy

    China Glaze help!!

    I need your help! I am new to China Glaze and I am looking for a good creamy blue nail polish, my brand of choice is of course China Glaze but others would work too. I am hoping to find a color very similar to Frostbite or Blue Sparrow as seen on the first page of the swatch thread, but...
  6. Lndsy

    Trying out some Halloween looks!

    The first is my version of MissChievous's Sexy Witch tutorial, which I love by the way, so thank you MissChievous!! I am using this for my Halloween costume, where I am going as...a witch! The second is for a friend who wanted to be Medusa, and wanted some kind of mask like makeup. She didn't...
  7. Lndsy

    Anime Chase Face

    I loved Shmoopy's Halloween Anime Doll fotd so much I wanted to try it for myself, my boyfriend Chase saw it too and thought it was pretty awesome so he let me try it on him. We just did the eyes because he wouldn't agree to more makeup! Thanks again Shmoopy for the amazing fotd!! Blacktrack...
  8. Lndsy

    I'm a 21st century digital boy, I don't know how to read but I've got a lot of toys..

    I saw Bad Religion last Wednesday, it was awesome!! This is my makeup from that night...I had had some drinks by the time I took these pictures as you can tell. Thanks for looking! Face: MSFN in Medium BritWit blushcreme Lips: Avon Pink Posey l/s Eyes: UDPP Rollickin p/p Heatherette Trio #1...
  9. Lndsy

    Urban Decay swatches

    I have been meaning to post these for a while...hope they help some people. I searched but couldnt find an Urban Decay thread...please move them if they are in the wrong spot. From left to right: fishnet, honey, ransom, graffiti, zero, peace, shag, scratch and underground...
  10. Lndsy

    pockets full of poseys

    I love Posey blushcreme, its my favorite! face: new vegas MSFN medium plus tenderdusk posey eyes: revlon cremeshadows in skinlights smolder plushlash lips: plink lu-be-lu thanks for looking!
  11. Lndsy

    I chopped my hair fotd

    So I got a new hair cut this weekend, I like it but I am still getting used to it because it is sooo different for me. Its kinda messy because I had been playing with it all day..but you get the idea. This is the look I did the day I got it done, pretty simple, but I really like it..let me know...
  12. Lndsy

    I heart tendertones haul!

    I didnt think I would love them but I did, so I bought lots! Tendertones and some other random stuff. Steamy nailpolish Charged Water EZ baby Take a hint Sweet tooth Pucker Hot and saucy Dipdown And prep and prime lip Hot and Saucy Pucker Sweet tooth Take a Hint EZ baby
  13. Lndsy

    Some illegal cargo, a strawberry princess...and a puppy?!?

    These are two looks from the past two days, the first is playing with Illegal Cargo, which was the only e/s I bought from NN. It is such a pretty color, but IRL you could see the color a lot better. I bought almost all the lippies and l/gs though...and I am in love! Also I am sorry about my...
  14. Lndsy

    Rated R

    Should I get it? I have never tried NARS anything before, but I just love these colors! What do people that have it think of it? I need help!! Thanks!
  15. Lndsy

    peacocky and pink

    This weekend a friend and I went and had our make up done by my two favorite MA's. I apologize for these pics, they were taken after having some drinks and are pretty bad, which make me sad because the make up was gorgeous! Anyway, I told her I wanted to buy Newly Minted so we came up with...
  16. Lndsy

    Foo Fighters FOTD

    Friday night was the Foo Fighters show here in Edmonton, and it was fricken amazing!! Also that day was my MAC stores Heatherette launch so I went in and got my make up done, I really love how it turned out! Ill try my best to remember everything she used as this was done 2 days ago. Thanks...
  17. Lndsy

    Another Heatherette/Easter FOTD!!

    I did this look really quickly to test out my new stuff last night while I was on the phone with my mother. I need to use a base for this trio next time...I was having problems with getting the colors to really show up. I love love love my lip color...I think I am going to buy backups for the...
  18. Lndsy

    Sea me?

    I think I love Sea me...this is really the first time I have used it since I bought it but I think it will get a lot more use now! This is my first time using Flickr so if this comes out wrong I am really sorry! Face: Studio Moistureblend NW20 MSF Natural in Medium Springsheen Light Flush MSF...
  19. Lndsy

    Inspired by Paramnesia

    So this has been a total crap day, like the kind that is terrible from the beginning and only gets worse as it goes on. I was looking through old FOTDs and I found the one that Paramnesia did the other day with shimmermoss and satin taupe and it was so pretty. So I thought I would give it a...
  20. Lndsy

    The Fever Theme FOTD

    Really pretty! Hope you feel better!