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  1. Sprout

    Can't leave feedback?

    I had a sale last Saturday (10/20/12) and I went to put in all the feedback in for my buyers today, but cannot do so. I need to have the link for my sale added to the feedback, but my sale post is gone! Help! I had such nice buyers, I'd love to give them the feedback they deserve.
  2. Sprout

    My Glissade has like, no veining.

    That is all. Isn't it supposed to have raspberry swirls in it? Mine is just peach shimmer. Got mine off of
  3. Sprout

    The 184 Fan Brush - A must have?

    I need some input on this one. I'm on the fence. Is this a handy one to own? Is it good for MSF?
  4. Sprout

    MAC SE Brushes

    I saw some brushes on Ebay that have SE after the numbers. The one that really caught my eye was the short handled 187. What are the Special Edition (SE) brushes from? Coming out soon?
  5. Sprout

    Lip/Cheek recs, please

    So I did my eyes in Rummy and New Vegas MSF today. Just the lids and lined with Rummy wet. I'm not sure what to do with the cheeks/lips. Nude, peach, reddish brown? Use New Vegas lightly on my cheeks and what on my lips? I'm about an NC15-20.
  6. Sprout

    MAC Brow Finisher

    What do we think about this product? How are the shades? Are they opaque or really sheer?
  7. Sprout

    Concord Mills, NC CCO (Concord Mills)

    I'll be there next weekend and was wondering how the selection was.
  8. Sprout

    Pigments White Gold & Vanilla.

    Are they really all that different? I have Vanilla, but have been curious about White Gold. It's discontinued, right? I may get a sample off of Ebay, but only if it's truly different from Vanilla.
  9. Sprout

    How do I delete a pic from my gallery?

    I've looked all over, but can't find a button that will let me delete 2 of my pictures. Help!
  10. Sprout

    I'm looking for a l/s version of Enchantress Lipglass

    MAC lipstick version preferred, but I'll consider other brands. Thank you in advance!
  11. Sprout

    My Collection

    UPDATED NOVEMBER. 24th, 2006. I'll update the pics soon. *** = Newly added Deep Breath and GO! LIPSTICKS: Instinctive*** (PENDING) Lip Blossum Pirouette Mischievous CB96 Blonde On Blonde Entwined x2 Apres Sol La Di Bra Overtly Plum Tortilla Tan Shag x2 Sequin Chintz Coffee Shop...
  12. Sprout

    What quad is it that has oranges & browns?

    I know it's a discontinued one, but I was curious what it was. I glanced at it at a CCO once and now wish I'd gotten it. All browns and oranges. Thanks to anyone who can help name it.
  13. Sprout

    Peachy Present Blush

    Who knows about this blush? I saw it on Ebay and the seller said that it and Plum something were UK Nordstrom's exclusives. Any UK girls who can provide a little more info on them? I know they're sheertone shimmers, but are they copies of US MAC blushes or are they unique?
  14. Sprout

    Anyone got pics wearing Cha-Ching?

    I'm curious to see how it looks on. I tried it on my hand, but being a light toned frost, it looked a bit like foil to me. I was wondering how it looked on the mouth. How wearable it is. Thanks to anyone who can put up a pic of themselves wearing it.
  15. Sprout

    Coffee Shop Lipstick from the new Textures Line

    Does anyone else have this? What liners/glosses are you using with it? So far, I'm only inspired to use Spice with it, and that's not really inspiring. That's my all purpose liner.