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  1. dreamer246

    Second try at a smokey eye

    I'm still pretty new to the world of eye makeup, so please be kind! CC are welcome. No eyeliner because I have hidden lids, so they are never visible when I open my eyes, plus they smudge like crazy on me, hence I hardly use them anymore. No mascara too, because I wasn't wearing contacts today...
  2. dreamer246

    My stash after a year of collecting MAC (pic heavy!)

    The storage box Top drawer: MSFs, small pocket mirror (the red thing), 88 palette Second drawer: Blushes & blush palettes Lippies drawers: Clean brushes: The Body Shop brushes (I started out with these) - blush, lip, foundation, powder/face, eyeshadow, eyeshadow blender, 2 kabuki brushes...
  3. dreamer246

    My first attempt at dramatic eye makeup (pic heavy)

    As you may or may not know, I hardly ever put on eye makeup because I have very sensitive eyes. But I have a performance tomorrow, so it's one of the rare occasions where I get to dress up my eyes. To cut a long story short, I had planned to go for a makeover at MAC (it would've been my...
  4. dreamer246

    Best Cheek Contour Color for NC35?

    I have Asian skin tone. TIA!
  5. dreamer246


    Hello peeps! What are some must-have MAC lipliners (I have all shades of lipsticks)? Preferably the cremestick kind, as I prefer those. Thanks in advance.
  6. dreamer246

    LOTD - Lavender Whip

    All products MAC unless otherwise specified. Thanks for looking! Face: P+P Skin Refined Zone on nose and chin P+P Face Protect SPF 50++ Lancome Teint Idole Ultra liquid foundation in shade 02 ZA Concealer Perfection in shade 2 Blot powder (pressed) in medium Cheeks: Stark Naked BPB Blonde...
  7. dreamer246

    This is why I love bold lips: 1st FOTD + Lotsa cam whoring

    Hello lovely people of Specktra! First FOTD, so please be kind. Was just playing around with makeup at home so I skipped the mascara (hate removing that) and my P+P Face Protect SPF 50++. Pics were taken using my Macbook camera. FACE: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra (liquid foundation) in shade 02 ZA...
  8. dreamer246

    Body Scrub

    Hello! Would like recs for a good body scrub as I'm currently having dry flaking skin. Also, how do I use it, and how frequently should I exfoliate? I'm a total noob, so please elaborate.
  9. dreamer246

    Best powder foundation?

    I have extremely oily and acne-prone skin, with lots of scars and pimples to cover. Looking for as heavy a coverage as the powder foundation can provide. I'm open to trying out any brands. Please don't tell me to get liquid foundation or whatever for heavier coverage, I already have one. I...
  10. dreamer246

    Any Singaporeans here?

    Or anyone based in Singapore, really. Hello! We should have our own little MAC community.
  11. dreamer246

    Face makeup for very oily skin

    Hi ladies, I have extremely oily skin which is also acne-prone. I have somewhat big pores on the cheeks and also acne scars that I need to cover up. I'll like to know what brand/name of primer, concealer and foundation (plus any other face makeup) that would work on such a skin type? I'm...
  12. dreamer246


    Hello fellow MAC addicts! I'm fairly new here, I've already made a few posts, but thought it'll be nice if I introduced myself properly. I'm 21 years old, Chinese, from Singapore. Currently studying full-time in a university (which means I do not earn income ). Pretty new to MAC, so I'm...