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  1. nasquiat

    Cleaning out my stash

    Hey Naomi. By chance do you have MAC Toledo Oxblood lipglass for sale??
  2. nasquiat

    Any dupes for RiRi <3's MAC NUDE lipstick?

    I was recently gifted one from another user on a forum I frequently visit. It so happens this color is my PERFECT nude!! I really don't want to spend 90$ + on ebay for this lipstick, so I'm looking for any suggestions!
  3. nasquiat

    MAC Sharon and Kelly Osbourne Collection (June 5, 2014)

    Some info about the release dates thanks to @erine1881 : ''I just got confirmation, AGAIN, that this launches -on counter EVERYWHERE on the 12th, so that means -online (if MAC keeps it up) on the 5th and (again, if MAC stays true) -for pros on the 3rd''...