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  1. obsessed_girl07

    FYI-D'bohemia pigments still avail at....

    Nordie's online....Just went and they have it again.....all three too!
  2. obsessed_girl07


    IS AVAILABLE AT NORDIE'S.... It looks like the satin cosmetic bags, but in "signature mac black" .... Just wanted to let everyone know since it's still TBA here on specktra...
  3. obsessed_girl07

    Anybody know how to make glitter text?

    My boyfriend almost figured it out, but doesn't know how to get the glitter in the text. All the directions we found online are too confusing, and he just can't get it. We have Photoshop, JASC paint shop pro 9, and the Animation shop 3, which most people said you needed. Any help? (I want to...
  4. obsessed_girl07

    PIC'S of D'Bohemia pigments!!!!!!

    WOO HOO!!! Here's pictures of the new D'Bohemia pigments. Just got um' today (sorry sh*tty pictures) Tried to take a picture with the colors on my hand, but never come out Colors from left to right (both pics): Provence**Coco**Deckchair
  5. obsessed_girl07

    ? about release date for new pigments

    Looking at what everyone else is saying, it's not due out until May...but I had ordered them thru Nordie's, and I got a email today saying that it was shipped out today????? The original ship date was May 20th. HUH? (Kinda wish I had ordered more than one of each!)
  6. obsessed_girl07

    Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

    I've heard and seen around that it's one of the best...any comments?
  7. obsessed_girl07

    ? about MEN'S 7 for all mankind jeans...

    Just wondered if any of you know how LOW the MEN'S 7 for all mankind jeans are (especially the relaxed fit ones) Don't think my boyfriend will wear those low ones (he's 5'6" and a size 36...)...TIA
  8. obsessed_girl07

    DIFFERENCE between studio fix & studio tech???

    What exactly is the diff anyways (I checked the website, but still don't get it)? I use studio fix NC35 and it doesn't really seem to cover up my freckles and stuff....Sorry, no pic of me yet...don't know how to do that :crap:
  9. obsessed_girl07

    Newbie from *H*A*W*A*I*I* ::shakaz::

    Saw this board and HAD to join (especially since everyone seems so nice and very helpful)!!!!! Kinda sucks though since I live in Hawaii, by the time I get on, everyone is sleeping.... Also REALLY SUCKS cause on the island that I live, there's only a MAC counter at Macy's...that's all We do...