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  1. Smokin' Jo

    Should I or Should i not???

    Not sure if this is the right place for this but since pen 'n' pink e/s is a discountinued item thought it might go here. I have been watching some tuts, etc and i have been lemming on the e/s but not sure if i should say what the heck and buy it. So if you ladies & gents can perhaps help me...
  2. Smokin' Jo

    Holy Cock!!!

    Peacock that is….haha Hello Ladies & Gents, Well here's my second attempt at posting a FOTN so just wanted to share a look I did this past Saturday for girls night to see one of my fav house Dj’s BAD BOY BILL. I was inspired by my new dress which had peacock feather print in different...
  3. Smokin' Jo

    My First FOTD!!!

    Hi to u all my makeup addicts, This is my first FOTD which was done in a hurry before a night out at the club FAce: Monistat Chafing gel for Primer Foundation & concealer applied with my Sonia Kushuk blue peep(love this new toy, epecially love how this applies my concealer) MUFE HD...