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  1. sweetangelkiss

    Parents / Mothers of babies/children with a disability illness

    This is something I very rarely discuss with my friends (but then again none of my gf's are mothers) but I want to know if there's anyone here who has a child/baby/infant with a disability or illness. I have a beautiful (not being biased!) 5 month baby boy with dwarfism and since he was born I...
  2. sweetangelkiss

    Disgusted at selfishness!!!

    I'm a very nice person At least I think I am ... I have friends so obviously I am doing something right but every once in awhile something will happen and I'll just be so depressed. I can't just sit in a corner and shrug it off. That's not me and that's not how I am. I had a friend who I...
  3. sweetangelkiss

    This infuriates me!!

    BNIB authentic MAC eyeshadow palette 12 colours - eBay, Eye Shadow, Makeup, Beauty, Health. (end time 12-Sep-08 13:31:06 AEST) How can she get away with this?!?!?! and the people who actually buy it are so clueless~!!!!!