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  1. metalkitty

    Kinda heavy stuff to deal with... *long*

    Hi, ladies. I don't post alot here although I frequently look and give thanks daily. Anyhow, there's something I need to deal with and I'm not sure how to go about it exactly and could use some honesty/ help with options.... Basically I think I might have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I hope I...
  2. metalkitty

    Lots o' stuff from this month *first time pics*

    I did alot of birthday hauling! Mostly NYX, a little MAC, Bobbi Brown, etc. If anyone needs better pics, swatches, or reviews feel free to P.M. me or post here! Here we go: I got: MAC Couture 182 brush NYX Black Label Lipsticks in Wine, Cherry, and Adore NYX Loose Powder in Almond Bobbi Brown...
  3. metalkitty

    *blush* Is there such thing as...... (slightly graphic)

    too powerful of an orgasm? It sounds like a dumb question so I'll give a little tmi for a second. I've never had an orgasm before and the main reason is because I fight it at the last minute. It just feels too intense, like way too intense (hard to explain) and I get an urge to pee usually and...
  4. metalkitty

    When does Flashtronic/ Rushmetal hit Nordstrom?

    Hi, I was wondering this because I read somewhere that Flashtronic and Rushmetal are going to come out on a different date at Nordstrom than MAC Freestanding stores, Macy's, etc. because of the Novel Twist collection.
  5. metalkitty

    Blending for the dumb and near sighted?

    There's been threads similar to this but I thought this one was different enough to start a new topic perhaps.... Is there was a way to blend eyeshadows when they're wet? I have a really hard time blending sometimes I think the brushes I use are too soft (222 and Flirt! tapered blending brush)...
  6. metalkitty

    Applying blush to the cheekbones?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering how to do this certain look with blush where you apply color in a precise semi concentrated way to the cheek bones. I think this technique is pretty popular in parts of Asia. Anyway, to describe the look better the shape looks sorta like and oblong sideways oval...
  7. metalkitty

    Haul over the past week....

    Hi everyone! Sadly I have no photos as of now, but if anyone interested in swatches or pics I can get in gear and make some/ and or give a review! I got things from Ulta, NYX from Designer Fragrances, and a couple things from CCO. MAC -182 Buffer Brush -Beauty Powder in Pearl Sunshine -Blush in...
  8. metalkitty

    Any info on Lip Varnish?

    Hey, everyone I was just wondering if anyone had any info on this new product coming out this month, LE? Is it basically like a lip laquer? Any info on the colors?
  9. metalkitty

    Blush Applied on cheekbones opposed to apples?

    Hi, everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on this application technique with blush when you apply it to your upper cheekbones, below your eyes... I believe this technique is/ was popular in some Asian countries. If you ever watch anime you'll notice when someone blushes, its located...
  10. metalkitty

    What to pair with Steel Blue and Violet?

    Hi, I was needing some recs on colors to pair with Steel Blue and Violet Pigments. I'm not afraid of color, but I'm still experimenting a bit with blending. Steel Blue is soo metallic I don't know a good way to wear it besides bold and winged out. So any recs or techniques would be very much...