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  1. courtneyCORPSE

    neutral smokey & brightbrightbright

    I stayed home sick today, so I decided to come play on specktra satin taupe e/s - lid embark e/s - crease, bottom lid swiss chocolate e/s - above crease, brows yogurt e/s - highlight shimmery white e/s - inner corner yogurt e/s - highlight, lid haunting e/s - outer 1/2 lid violet trance...
  2. courtneyCORPSE

    smokey gray

    face: loreal true match foundation-alabaster c1 loreal true match powder-alabster c1 benefit dandelion - blush gingerly blush - contour soft and gentle msf - highlight eyes: yogurt e/s - highlight fascinating ruby smokey eyes (holiday 08) - gray, silver and black [ambience(gray)-lid...
  3. courtneyCORPSE

    Couple of eotd

    Ahhh vanilla e/s - lid / highlight coppering e/s - crease hepcat e/s - outer corner blacktrack fluidline maybelline lash stylist mascara strut - brows urban decay peace e/s - lid freshwater e/s - crease blue flame e/s - crease contrast e/s - outer v / liner nyx white e/s - inner corner...
  4. courtneyCORPSE

    I love purple fotd

    Yeeeeessss yes yess I do UDPP vanilla e/s - highlight, inner corner stars n rockets e/s -lid parfait amour e/s - crease fig 1 e/s - crease contrast e/s - outer v blacktrack fluidline maybelline lash stylist glitter strut eyebrow pencils fashion frenzy blush moon river - highlight cream cup...
  5. courtneyCORPSE

    neutral & colorful fotds :)

    neutral: UDPP vanilla e/s - highlight, inner corner tete-a-tint e/s - lid swiss chocolate e/s - crease dark brown from holiday 08 pallete - outer v blacktrack fluidline maybelline lash stylist mascara strut brow pencil peachykeen blush moon river -highlight cutester l/s mimmy l/g...
  6. courtneyCORPSE

    Hopefully my eyelashes look a little better Eotd

    Yes, no, maybe so? haha UDPP vanilla e/s - highlight, inner corner [hello kitty too dolly pallete too dolly e/s - lid stately black e/s -crease-] bitter e/s - above crease, lower lashline blacktrack fluidline maybelline lash stylist mascara strut brow pencil - eyebrows
  7. courtneyCORPSE

    2 Eotds

    Wowww, I havn't posted anything on here in forever. I always lurrrrk & my eyebrows are growing out, since i'm not shaving them off anymore. they look crapalicious! haha anyways, here's 2 things I did this week. -vanilla e/s - highlight -chrome yellow e/s - inner corner -bitter e/s - lid...
  8. courtneyCORPSE

    Yellow & purple

    YouTube - Yellow & Purple -UDPP -nyx jumbo e/s pencil "milk" -MAC "chrome yellow" e/s -MAC "vanilla" e/s -MAC "hepcat" e/s -MAC "fig 1." e/s -MAC "contrast" e/s -MAC "peachykeen" blush -MAC "blacktrack" fluidline -MAC "faux" l/s -MAC "lust" l/g subscribe?? YouTube - 0CourtneyCupcake0's...
  9. courtneyCORPSE

    Pink & Green

    I hate making videos with me .. talking don't laugh at my voice YouTube - pink&green subscribe? YouTube - 0CourtneyCupcake0's Channel I used: UDPP nyx jumbo e/s pencil "milk" ben nye "misty pink" blush ben nye "jade" e/s MAC "contrast" e/s MAC "chartreuse" piggy MAC "fuchsia" piggy...
  10. courtneyCORPSE

    Purple & Pink

    Hii :] Here's something I did a few days ago. I cam whored a bit. sorry I used: UDPP nyx jumo e/s pencil "milk" nyx "white" shadow ben nye "misty pink" blush ben nye "royal purple" e/s ben nye "cosmic violet" e/s MAC "contrast" e/s MAC "blacktrack" fluidline MAC "petticoat"...
  11. courtneyCORPSE

    Orange & Blue :]

    Hey :] i'm back this is my blue and orange look. I cut my hair & dyed it darker too. not sure if I like it :/ YouTube - Orange & Blue I used: nyx jumbo e/s pencil in "milk" nyx "white" e/s MAC "orange" e/s Ben Nye "royal blue" e/s MAC "jewel blue" e/s MAC "freshwater" e/s MAC...
  12. courtneyCORPSE

    Who Does Your MAC!?!?!

    This is what we do in cosmetology class. Just thought i'd share. YouTube - who does your mac? lmao
  13. courtneyCORPSE

    Smokey Glittery Cat Eye

    Hi i'm back ^___^ this is the look I did today. The video's on my youtube channel. nyx jumbo eye pencil in "yogurt" all over eyelid, then blend up to the brow bone. covergirl eyeslicks in "black", apply to the outer v and blend. Any shimmery white pigment, and apply it onto...
  14. courtneyCORPSE

    Bright & Sparkly

    Hey guysss!! mostly I just creep on here but I occasionaly post YouTube - Bright & sparkly But I did a video tutorial today on youtube. I don't have any other videos but I will soon. so subscribeee It was my first time, so it's ass. but whatever
  15. courtneyCORPSE

    Ice Queen

    I was really tired, so please excuse my stupid expressions. And my eyebrows. :[ Face: NYC-translucent powder Ben Nye-mystic pink blush Eyes: Ulta-platinum e/s MAC-freshwater e/s Bare Minerals-bikini e/s Prestige-rhapsody e/l , denim e/l NYC-light blue e/l (name was faded) Milani-blue...
  16. courtneyCORPSE

    My Baby :]

    My kitty, is my favorite thing in the world. I couldn't live without her. Btw, she's not evil. She just looks like it sometimes. She's soooo sweet.
  17. courtneyCORPSE

    New Haircut

    Ok, so this is my hair now. But i'm getting my haircut like this