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  1. Tyester

    How do you make your hair grow faster?

    Is it even possible?
  2. Tyester

    A Serious Reality Check... (read thru) Because one day I do want to have a family, the strength needed for that is something I never want to have to know.
  3. Tyester

    A REAL annoyance...

    getting a mesquito bite right on your ankle, and having it itch CONSTANTLY. I've had some itchy bites before, but jesus... I'm about to rub the skin off from scratching. Is there any such home remedy cure?(cause im too lazy to go to the store)
  4. Tyester


    Is about the sound I let out today after my 8th and last punishing rep on the 365lb leg press. Had my first "leg" day after signing up @Golds. I have to say it was well worth it to join a real gym and should've listened to others advice about doing so sooner rather than just working out at...
  5. Tyester

    Instead of directing this at the proper authorities...

    I figured I'd contribute this as a post to get other's responses on it. What about adding a "Funny/Comedy" forum. I think this place certainly has merit for one, even if the jokes, comedic anecdotes, or fauxpas involving makeup. I mean, if theres any one thing in particular I could contribute...
  6. Tyester

    My progress with THE pics...

    Started dieting around February, and finished up this past week. Lots of changes in the diet, and especially the training, but I'm fairly satisfied with the end result. It left me with plenty of information on what to do in the future, because I plan on adding more wieght already. I'm still...
  7. Tyester

    Dieting works...

    <--- seeee
  8. Tyester

    My 2nd deepest thought of the day...

    How do you girls feel on having guys on the board? Something I've been curious about since I've been here. I'm not looking for a specific awnser on anything, nor is this any kind of a response to any thread. I'm fairly indifferent when it comes to people I've never met IRL, and I've seen, read...
  9. Tyester

    Attn All Dudes...

    Post 'em if you got 'em. Feel free to chime in here for a head count.
  10. Tyester

    A video taken after today's Leg workout... Nevermind the name on the clip, it really is me! 8) :thumbsup: jk - helps me get through Leg day tho.
  11. Tyester

    Leg shaving...

    Probably best to ask at, BUT since I'm here... When shaving your legs, how do you prevent red bumps/razor burn? Been doing it for almost a year, but it hasn't been going, "smoothly" lately.
  12. Tyester


    How long as this been here?
  13. Tyester

    Do I need a haircut?

    Normally I have my hair real short...To give you an idea of HOW short, I cut my own hair. But I'm trying to grow it out for winter.(some winter, 75deg here) Yes, I'm sick and I look like crap, but the hair would like the same regardless. Please be gentle. :crap:
  14. Tyester

    Post your REAL picture... No makeup, no fancy *bs...

    And it looks I'll start. This is the best I could do at 1am, drunk, and trying to take a picture. No, I'm not some wierdo here, I just know some of the admins and this probably the only time I'll be here.
  15. Tyester

    Yea hi...

    I'm like new here or something? And I don't wear makeup. thx.