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  1. Mizz.Coppertone

    What hairspray is this?(photo)

    Anyone know? I know it's a hairspray for sure but I don't know which brand.
  2. Mizz.Coppertone

    Springsheen Blush?

    If I already own Peaches do I need it? Could I just layer a lil pearly gold highlight powder over Peaches and dupe Springsheen? They look similiar besides that one is a shimmer, I just hate the matte-ness of Peaches lately. Thanks. *Sorry I posted this in the wrong category.*
  3. Mizz.Coppertone

    Cherry Red gloss?

    Can you rec. a nice one? Any brand will do.Something super glossy and sexy.
  4. Mizz.Coppertone

    Bikini Websites?

    What are ur faves. Any cheap 1's that have good quality stuff would be nice. I want some cute new bikini's to take on vacation. Thanks!
  5. Mizz.Coppertone

    Drugstore facial cleansers?

    Whats ur fave? Thanks.
  6. Mizz.Coppertone

    Your fav Smokey Eye?

    What shadows do you use to create your favorite smokey eye look? Please include placement too if u can! Thanks!<3
  7. Mizz.Coppertone

    MAC's Summerfruit Lipliner?

    Is this a good match for peachy lipsticks and glosses? Thanks
  8. Mizz.Coppertone

    Perfect Haircolor For Darker Hair

    I have to say I'm very impressed. I just dyed my dark brown/pale blonde highlighted hair and this dye worked amazing. It covered my highlights perfectly so they blend in with my base color well and my hair looks like a pro did it. I used it in Shimmering Gold and got a pretty caramel color. No...
  9. Mizz.Coppertone


    Can anyone rec a perfume that has a really yummy watermelon scent to it? Something really fruity for the summer. Thanks
  10. Mizz.Coppertone

    Do your eyebrows match your haircolor?

    I always debate whether to dye my brows or not everytime I color my hair. I go from my natural base color w/blonde highlights to a full head of caramal blonde and I always leave my brows their dark brown shade. I always loved Shawna Sand's(sp?) look, she has dark brows and light hair. I...
  11. Mizz.Coppertone

    Dollymix Probs

    Do u have any tips on how to make this look a lil more natural? Whenever I wear it I feel like I look like I have a skin problem or something. It looks reddish on me for some reason. Help! I really wanna love this blush.
  12. Mizz.Coppertone

    Drugstore MAC dupe list: Lips

    Hopefully this helps save someone a lil $$$!! MAC Blonde on Blonde: Wet 'n Wild 770A Gold Rush MAC Bubbles lipstick: Wet 'n' Wild #516A lipstick MAC Carnal lipstick: L'Oreal Wine and Dine lipstick MAC Clear Lipglass: Wet 'n Wild Glassy Gloss in Clear; Bonne Bell Enticemint (clear); Rimmel...
  13. Mizz.Coppertone

    Has the internet hurt your self esteem?

    Or has it helped it at all? I find a spend alot of time browsing pics of other girls,models... n ect. and I think it's hurt the way I look at myself. I'm comparing myself to the pictures alot now and I feel like back when I was younger and never really used the internet, I had a way better...
  14. Mizz.Coppertone

    Is NYX Loose Pearl Pigment in Oro really a MAC Melon dupe?

    I read this after googling a suggestion for one. Is it true? Thanks.