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  1. Coqui

    Please help me to find the right color..

    ..for my foundation. Normally I use Studio Fix Fluid NC35, but it´s to dark/yellow at the moment. I want to buy now the normal Studio Fix. I want it in N, without that yellow tone, so which color should I order - N4 or N5 which one is more like NC30? Please help me, that would be nice!
  2. Coqui

    eotd - fresh look for green eyes

    Okay, what do you think. I tried out some blue eye-mu, can I wear this? I used: Face: Mineral MU Velvet Plush in Giulia Bo-ing Concealer Cheeks: BB Blush Coral Eyes: All that glitters Freshwater Steamy Black Tied Moth Brown Melon Pigment black khol-liner from Agnes B no Mascara, no...
  3. Coqui

    my first tutorial - pic heavy

    Hi Ladys, this is my first tutorial here, tell me what you think about it? Here we go! This is all I needed: OKAY - here I go: Mimi without MU: the Brushes I used for this MU: Starting with Foundation - Kyrolan Ultra Olive 2 - apply with fingers! now its Concealer time!! I use Loreal...
  4. Coqui

    My Girls & I out in Vienna

    I was in Vienna last week to visit some really awesome friends and some pictures are really amazig - I want to share them with you! left to right: Lissy, Sabrina, Mary & me Sabrina & me some fun with a ferrari I made the Make Up of the night :-) all MU made by me :-) and some pics of...
  5. Coqui

    Face & Body Foundation - shades?

    Hi, I need some help. I want to try out the Face and Body Foundation but I´m now confused by the shades. I´ve got only the select moisture blend in NC37 as foundation from MAC, so what do you Girls think which shade will fit by Face & Body Foundation? Maybe C5 :confused: I hope that...
  6. Coqui

    Hello from Coqui

    Hi Girls, I´m Coqui, 27 years and very happy that I found this side. I´m together with a sweet boricuen Guy, we´re living in US (Florida) and Germany (coz I´m still working for a German Company). I´m absolutly in LOVE with MAC , aswell other brands of Make Up, addict to fashion & beauty...