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  1. sassy*girl

    *eotd: semi-smoky eye

    just played around with my e/s again. i wasn't going anywhere that day so i didn't bother doing the rest of my face =P image
  2. sassy*girl

    Smokey Eyes (for different eye shapes)

    Another article scanned from a magazine. Thought that this might help a bunch of you because it also gives tips on application for different eye types! Click on the Attached Images below to see the scans.
  3. sassy*girl

    *fotd: blue contrast

    most recent, don't mind my pajamas! haha :P image
  4. sassy*girl

    *fotd: all pink and girly

    another semi-old one, done in may. not sure if i got all the products correct since i can't remember them all! sorry... image
  5. sassy*girl

    *fotd: smokey metallic

    this is a couple months old, but i've never posted it here before. (whoa, i'm so light. haha): image
  6. sassy*girl

    *eotd: corals and blues

    I was just cleaning up my makeup stuff and played with my shadows and such: image after I finished, I thought it reminded me of something. It kinda looks like Alexa's c-squeeze fotd... I think?! You must've subliminally inspired me, eh?
  7. sassy*girl

    Neutrogena Advance Solutions

    I use (or... used to) the Microdermabrasion one. I followed the regimen for a while then I got lazy... lol. It does smooth out your skin though after regular use. Just make sure you don't get it anywhere near your eye, though. I've been trying to look for the Acne Mark Fading Peel, but I can't...
  8. sassy*girl

    Rebelrock thread!

    Hey all, As we all probably know, MAC is releasing their Rebelrock collection today. Post any hauls, questions, price inquiries and picture posts regarding this collection in this thread in order to be better-organized and easy to find for everyone who has something to share about Rebelrock...
  9. sassy*girl

    *fotd: smokey cateye

    image oh yeah, the reason why these two fotds (this and nocturnelle) only show half my face is because i did it both at the same time :P
  10. sassy*girl

    *fotd: nocturnelle look

    image this kinda looks like my plum fotd though...
  11. sassy*girl

    Viva Glam Picture w/Bada (new addition?)

    Found this on ONTD on LJ who also credited this page and the Christina Aguilera Fanpage Korean singer, Bada, will meet with Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliot on her visit to New York. She first met the two a-list celebrities when she was promoting the mac's viva glam line. Bada was asia's...
  12. sassy*girl


    I got Slicked Pink and also got Saplicious for my cousin. I think they're really nice for summer
  13. sassy*girl

    *full face tutorial [link]

    hey everyone i was stuck at home today cuz i wasn't feeling too well, so i thought i'd make a tutorial to share with you guys. let me know if you have any questions or comments/suggestions, etc! thanks for looking! by the way, i chose to link to it instead because it was too picture-heavy. i...
  14. sassy*girl

    Foundation shade help

    yeah, i think you should try c3 my face is lighter than my body too (i think it's like that for everyone, like prettykitty said) so i usually try to match my foundation shade to my neck, and use bronzer on my cheeks, a bit on my forehead, nose and chin so that it's a bit closer to let's say...
  15. sassy*girl

    *fotd: frosted plum

    image i only did one eye 'cuz i was just testing out my new electra and smut eyeshadows. oh my goodness, i've been to mac three times this week.
  16. sassy*girl

    *fotd: two looks, one face.. two-faced? heh!

    I didn't spend too much time on this cuz I was tired from school and just wanted to try out new shadows (the ones on Side 1), so the application is probably not that great. Plus, I need new brushes anyway. Hah =P Enjoy! image Oh by the way, I forgot to mention... I used Vaseline under the...
  17. sassy*girl

    Question About New Shadesticks...

    Hey everyone! Not sure if this was asked before, but I was just wondering if the new shadesticks coming out in May are LE or not? I don't have any shadesticks as of now, but I think I'm gonna start looking at them next time I visit MAC to use it under my eyeshadows to make the colours more...
  18. sassy*girl

    *fotd: moth brown, meadowland, pollen, etc.

    Another FOTD using most of my Madame B e/s, along with some other non-MAC e/s. I can't believe I thought I wasn't gonna like any of the eyeshadows in this collection at first! =P I tried to get the colours as close as I can with these pics. The Moth Brown turned out pretty purple though, even...
  19. sassy*girl

    *fotd: shades of green [my cousin]

    my cousin is over so i played around with my mac stuff and put some makeup on her =P image hope you guys like it
  20. sassy*girl

    *fotd: madame b eyeshadows

    I finally got my hands on some MadameB stuff. Haha. Back to being broke :P image I'm still new to using liquid liner, so my "lining" kinda sucks :P