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  1. resin

    gifts for myself over the last 3 months!

    gifts from friends and gifts to myself! 1. cute as hell / violet + quince body wash 2. mac cosmetics cleanse off oil makeup remover 3. mac cosmetics charged water skin hydrating mist 4. kiehl's calendula herbal-extract toner 5. stila cosmetics illuminating tinted moisturizer spf 15 6. lush...
  2. resin

    Is this what we call happiness? I do.... {{PICS}}

    Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Faux Cils (gift from my friend Ariel, and i LOVE this mascara) Stila Lipglaze 'Strawberry' Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Shade 115 MAC 'Ever So Rich' Cremesheen Glass MAC 'She Likes Candy' lipglass MAC 'Fashion Mews' lipstick MAC 'Lavender Whip' lipstick MAC...
  3. resin

    EMANUEL UNGARO (small haul + pictures)

    I went to the MAC pro store today and bought these two hotties from EMANUEL UNGARO <3 The lipstick in 'pure rose' is a super gorgeous color that i need to go back and get another for a back-up. 'soft flower' is a matte eye shadow and a pretty wash over the lids alone without anything else. I...
  4. resin

    finally went to the pro store for a few things [with PICS]

    it drives me insane when i go see a haul post and it doesn't have pictures haha - blush + eye shadow palette - humid pro palette refill [can't believe i never owned this in all of my 8 years wearing mac] - copperplate pro palette refill [my MA recommended these to me since i have barely any...
  5. resin

    this is how i store my cosmetics

    i store my make-up in the ikea 'helmer metal drawers on wheels! IKEA | Storage furniture | Drawer units | HELMER | Drawer unit on casters you can find my cosmetic collection picture post here:
  6. resin

    i love mac cosmetics a lot!! [[ 20 pictures ]]

    UPDATED DECEMBER 14, 2008. i forgot to include my 'take a hint' tendertone lip balm. lol to view a bigger image lollipop loving, fun n' sexy, high top, california dreamin', pervette, viva glam, her fancy, screenqueen, melrose mood...
  7. resin

    i just had a HEATHERETTE OVERDOSE.

    i love my makeup so much i can't stop staring at it. the pro store here didn't have 'alpha girl' in so i'll get that when it arrives. i also plan to get '$$$$$ YES' in a few days.
  8. resin

    antiperspirant / deodorant for sensitive skin recommendations

    hello! i have sensitive skin and i'm wondering what the best antiperspirant / deodorant would work for me. someone told me that kiehl's makes one so i'm going to check that out but wanted to get more recommendations here! thanks :]
  9. resin

    my amazing fafi haul + cupcakes [ with pics ]

    i'm starting my valentine's day massacre a day early!! today i went to the pro store here in vancouver, bc. so of course i had to take some pictures of my lovelies :] they gave me the wrong lipstick shade of 'strawbaby' so i'm going to exchange it 'for fun n' sexy'! here we go : looking...
  10. resin

    i love my new make-up! (PICTURES TOO)

    mi' lady x2 mineralized eye shadow coppering > pro pan bio-green > pro pan black tied > pro pan phosphor lip gelee disc black liquidlast liner bella skin tint tokidoki for smashbox blush stick brushes > 231 / 224 / 227 / 116 gold veneer nail polish (forgot to photograph) last week i got my...
  11. resin

    vibrant eyes sunset kinda!

    so i'm posting the look i did today and i got so many compliments on it, the most in my life actually. anyways i used two different cameras to see which was better. i am NOT looking for any construction criticism or suggestions. thanks :] i used this face chart that beautyispower made she...
  12. resin

    my C-SHOCK purchases with PICTURES!

    well i just got back from mac and picked up the C-SHOCK items i've been anxious to get over the past few months! i also made a hot lip combo since blast o' blue makes me look like a corpse. 1. first 'out to shock' lipstick 2. second use 'blast o' blue' 3. and finally 'mega' lip gelee it's a...
  13. resin

    small moonbathe/tendertones haul *pic

    hmm wasn't too impressed with the collection so i just got these! more money to get my pink ds lite tomorrow <3
  14. resin

    i'm wearing: hothouse lipglass + petalpoint blush

    this is my first time posting a fotd in here and i just have to say go easy! and don't mind the brows they're going to get fixed soon. this is the first time i've ever worn reds so i'm still getting use to it. :] hothouse lipglass petalpoint blush pointblack liquidlast liner
  15. resin

    i love strange hybrid [w/ a pic!]

    hooray! and i had to get a plushglass. so pretty.
  16. resin

    because i'm amazing haul w/ pictures!

    ze list - 2 sifter jars (for my pigments) - 182 brush LOVE IT! - laura mercier 'pink quartz' liquid crystals 'betseygirl' bought one today, showed me and i had to get one! i love herrr) - pop iris liquidlast liner - helium pigment - mineralized skinfinish natural 'medium' - fab blush (my store...
  17. resin

    NARS BRUSHES authentic?

    hello i'm wondering if these brushes are authentic nars? i knew you guys could help me out! thanks.
  18. resin

    my LUSH haul w/ a PIC

    in no particular order, these are my items: bath bombs sex bomb think pink blackberry blackberry avobath sakura Ne Worry Pas tea and sympathy black pearl luxury melts MMM (Melting Marshmallow Moments) Floating Island bubble bars creamy candy bath the comforter hot milk?
  19. resin

    i got some new mac makeup! (pictures too)

    on wednesyday i went to the beloved pro store here in rainy vancouver, bc, canada! in the boxes! out of the boxes! my dollllll pearl sunshine beauty powder springtime skipper e/s playful e/s malibu barbie lipglass fashion pack lipglass real doll lipstick style it up lipstick rocking...
  20. resin

    my boyfriend bought me LUSH today

    when my boyfriend got home from school today he said we should take a walk down the street to lush! this is what he bought for me! <3 <3 bath bombs: - avobath - blackberry - sakura - tea and sympathy and then for free i got a mr. butterball bath ballistic and christingly bubble bar!