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  1. dreamscapemess

    EOTD inspired by Viznuk Svetlana of Art Studio

    My first EOTD!! Well, not really of the day. I most certainly did not walk around like this I am so inspired by Svetlana, aka BeautyARTStudio on YouTube. Her work is phenomenal. So tonight, instead of doing calculus (boo summer courses!), I attempted to recreate one of her looks. Here is...
  2. dreamscapemess

    Annual Washington Post Hunt

    I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong forum. For any of you ladies in the DC area.... is anyone attending the Washington Post Hunt?! ever even heard of it? if you haven't, here's WPM's (Washington Post Magazine's) description: "It's a big contest that will play out on the streets of...
  3. dreamscapemess

    Suggestions on an eye cream for teens/twenty-somethings

    Hey ladies, I've been on the hunt for a good eye cream/moisturizer that is meant for us younger folks, but have come up empty. I am in my late teens, so I obviously don't need a product meant to "eliminate crows feet" or what-not. I spend a lot of time on my eyes, and, as gentle as I am, I'm...
  4. dreamscapemess

    Online Shopping Will Be the Death of Me

    So I hope that I don't have to pick a sub-category for this, since it didn't really fit into any of them. (Scratch that, it's not even close to fitting any of them). Feel free to move this to wherever it should be! So I am an online shopping addict. The good thing, I usually don't BUY...
  5. dreamscapemess

    Haul #2 of the Day! (Technically not...)

    So I already updated you folks with my CCO haul from today (yesterday...I'm writing this at 1 AM). Well, I came home and couldn't resist making my first purchase with Coastal Scents. I've heard SOOOO MANY raves about this brand, and the prices were irresistible, so... bye bye last year's...
  6. dreamscapemess

    CCO Haulage!

    Hooray for having a free Saturday to celebrate the end of the semester! MAC bells have been ringing in my ears since I finished my Today was my second trip to my local CCO, my first experience was disappointing. Today, however, was a success! -Lipglass in Naked Space (Neo...