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  1. lotus

    heavy coverage foundation

    i need some recommendations for heavy coverage foundation for my mom. for several years, she's had melasma and it's been getting a bit worse. they're not just small spots here and there, they're actually covering her cheeks and chin area. she's tried a lot of heavy coverage foundation out in the...
  2. lotus

    changing my mood

    okay, before you suggest just clicking on the top right side where it says "my mood", please read on. when i click over there, a list of different moods pop up, but i'm unable to select the one i want. let me rephrase that, i'm able to click on a mood, but all that's shown is a blue box with a...
  3. lotus

    name these colors!

    hey! i'm hoping i can get some color suggestions that would be similar to the ones in the photos. i would like to recreate the looks, but i don't have any eye colors that would be similar to the ones here. also, can you help me with some application techniques? the reason i chose beautiful...
  4. lotus

    eye shadow recommendations for asian eyes

    hello ladies! i'm new here and so far i'm loving all the great advice and tutorials i've been reading. my friend is taking me to a mac store this weekend and letting me buy anything i need. hopefully i'll be able to get the same great advice others have been receiving. like it's mentioned in...
  5. lotus

    *big Weekend Wedding, Need Help!

    i'm looking for some advice here as i've read through some threads with great advice for other women. i'm hoping that i can get some great advice for myself as there are a lot of talented women here that knows tons of info on makeup. i'm not makeup challenged, but i'm not a pro. my everyday look...