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  1. Nadeshda

    Plushglass smell

    I got my first plushglass yesterday, I bought it online and had never sniffed one before. I HATE the smell Any way I can tone the smell down? I'm desperate because I really like the color, and it would be a waste to sell it or not use it only because of the smell.
  2. Nadeshda

    Playing with my new goodies FOTD

    Nothing special, just decided to play with the stuff I got today morning Pictures are crap, I can't for the life of me get the hang of the light, flash and everything else... Products: Face: Stila Illuminating Tinted moisturizer shade #1 MAC Select cover-up NW20 Essence cosmetics pressed...
  3. Nadeshda

    Electric Violet FOTD

    Hi I did this a couple of weeks ago, so I can't be sure of all the items I used, but here goes... Eyes ArtDeco eyeshadow base ArtDeco #90 eyeshadow ArtDeco #325 eyeshadow and probably ArtDeco #11 eyeshadow + Essence Cosmetics eyeshadow 01 Frosted to highligt Bourjois clubbing pencil liner -...
  4. Nadeshda

    Stilla empty palettes

    Hi. I've just ordered a Stila set that has, among other stuff, 4 eyeshadows in refill form. Stila empty 4 pan palettes seem a bit too pricey. Are there any other palettes, even generic ones they fit? I've read they fit on MUFE, but I don't have a Sephora nearby and I don't even know if they...
  5. Nadeshda

    Cream Color bases

    Have those been counterfieted? I'm lemming pearl big time, but as far as I've seen, CCBs aren't sold in my country, so I have to resort to Ebay... Are these safe? Thank you!
  6. Nadeshda

    Where to buy Zoya polishes?

    Hi! So, I've been eyeing some Zoya polishes that I'd like to try, but they aren't sold in my country. Is there anywhere I can get them, other than ebay? They don't seem to be available on the most popular sites, like 8ty8, head2toe and transdesign
  7. Nadeshda

    ArtDeco swatches

    So here are swatches of the ArtDeco products I own so far. Some pictures are crap, I never imagined swatching was such a big hassle! All taken in natural daylight. Enjoy! Overview of my "palette" (it's a tin pencil case) Blushes...
  8. Nadeshda

    Cheapie blush to go with red lips!

    Hey girls! I need a blush to wear with red lips. For reference, the lipstick is NYX round l/s in Electra, and I have neutral undertones, brown hair and eyes (check profile picture). Since I don't know if I'll be pulling the red lip look often, I was looking for a cheap blush, either from a...
  9. Nadeshda

    Large eBay Brush sets

    Hi So, I don't have a lot of makeup brushes and most of the ones I have are crap lol I was thinking of getting a big brush set to expand my collection, and there are plenty of big sets on ebay for a cheap price (don't worry, I'm not thinking of ordering supposedly MAC, Chanel or BB brushes...
  10. Nadeshda

    European prices

    Hi I just thought it could be a nice idea to have a thread where we could post the prices of MAC items in different European countries. I know specktra has a chart, but it doesn't seem to be updated and is a bit incomplete, and I know lots of european members have posted prices, by the posts...
  11. Nadeshda

    My first FOTD!

    So, this is my first FOTD, it was for a wedding I attended. I tried to recreate this look here: . Hope you enjoy it! CC and suggestions are very welcomed! Products used: EYES - Artdeco eyeshadow base - Artdeco eyeshadow #16 (all over lid...
  12. Nadeshda

    Which brush for cream to powder foundation

    Hi I've been applying my cream to powder foundation with a sponge, but I really want to use some brushes instead. The thing is, I have no ideia which type of brush would work better with this type of foundation. Would "typical" foundation brush like the MAC 190 be better, a stippling one like...
  13. Nadeshda

    Starting a makeup collection - Art Deco discussion

    Hey everyone I just got interested in makeup recently, like 6 months ago. Today, I went to an ArtDeco counter (for those of you unfamiliar with ArtDeco, it is an affordable german makeup brand, and, quality-wise, similar to MAC) and I was completely overwhelmed! I wanted to buy a few...
  14. Nadeshda

    Where to know about new MAC openings?

    Hi all At the moment, there is no MAC at the city where I live, you have to travel to either Lisbon or O'Porto to get your hands on some MAC. However, there's been a rumour going around that a makeup artist from my city, who own a business, will be bringing MAC here. The thing is, I've...