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  1. Designergirl9

    make up forever swatches?

    is there a place I can see some make up forever eyeshadow and powder swatches???
  2. Designergirl9

    where is...

    I am not really sure where to put this question but I was wondering where is the call center that you order from? Do they get mac discounts to?
  3. Designergirl9

    help with lipstick..

    I got a lipstick in the mail and it's "sweating" should I put in the fridge? or should I just keep it some place cool ? I don't want it to melt! or break.
  4. Designergirl9


    other then a promo pic has anything else been released...I went thru the thread in the collection area and Idont even see a release date? Anyone know anything? Thanks.
  5. Designergirl9

    pink maribu l/s

    am I crazy or do I remember reading somewhere this color will be re-released? If not do you think I can get it thru the gone but not forgotten program?
  6. Designergirl9

    songs playing when you go to the store/counter

    I was thinking about the music that is always playing... I swear I always hear my hair looks fierce everytime I go into the mac counter. Any other songs you notice? kinda random thread..but funny.
  7. Designergirl9

    lookalike to bunny pink

    I think the bunny pink l.s. from the playboy LE was cute..I am looking for something that looks similiar I am super pale with dark hair..I hope that pink will look good on me if I can find something similiar.
  8. Designergirl9

    paypal question

    this is totally random but when you log in and it says you have say 40 dollars does that mean you have 40 dollars to spend on your paypal account before they take more out of your account?
  9. Designergirl9

    pink pearl ?

    can you only buy this pigment at a pro store? do they sell it at the freestanding stores?
  10. Designergirl9


    what lipsticks, blushes, shadows etc. do you use. I am just curious to see what else people with the same coloring use. I have medium brown hair, green eyes
  11. Designergirl9

    tiny haul

    from mac's website.... crimsionaire shadestick and fuschia-ism liquidlastliner...nothing big I know I am also waiting on sushi flower in the mail
  12. Designergirl9

    Cabazon, CA CCO (Desert Hills Premium Outlets)

    I went a few weeks ago but I wondered if anyone had been there recently?
  13. Designergirl9


    Are there any good websites? or anywhere to get info on how to write up a contract that covers everything you need? I am wanting to do one but I am having trouble laying it out like I want it.
  14. Designergirl9

    is mac's website slow on getting things out?

    I ordered some stuff from the site on friday and I checked today and my order is still pending. I thought it might save me some time ordering for the site but I can't believe Friday, Monday and Tuesday the order hasn't moved at all. How long does it usually take when you order from the site?
  15. Designergirl9

    foundation help...

    I wear a powdered foundation sometimes but I feel like I need something that has a bit more coverage. I am paler then pale..light dusting of freckles, green eyes..but I was thinking about trying a mac one but should I just go to the store to figure it out or what are some tips for finding the...
  16. Designergirl9

    blending question...

    when you are blending eyeshadows what are some tricks or tips for getting two different colors to flow together seamlessly?
  17. Designergirl9


    hi I am new..I am a 24 y/o stay at home wife. My husband is in the military and we are in cali. I just wanted to say hello!