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  1. Folie

    Dupe/High light

    Hi all. I'm a fair girl who likes a very light high light. The color I've been using forever is Estee Lauder Ivory Box, but it's been discontinued. :shock: I'll be needing a new one soon. Does anyone know what Mac color would be a dupe for Ivory Box? I'm thinking Blanc Type or Crystal Avalanche...
  2. Folie

    Is this cruel?

    Where I live, there's a ton of stray cats that roam the streets. I was in my backyard. My next door neighbor asked if I saw any kittens in my yard, I said no. Anyway, after talking for awhile, I found out they were feeding stray kitten and all left. The found one in the yard next to them with...
  3. Folie

    Is there a certain age...

    I was reading a thread and it intrigued me because I had a converstation today withn a friend that was very similar to it. One of the things we touched on, the friend and I, was about "adult students". You know, people who go to/finish college at the age of like age of 25 and older. We were...
  4. Folie

    Would this bother anyone else?

    Today was hetic and I didn't get to see my boyfriend. He's usually great. We're very open. I know he's my soulmate. He tells me in person, and on the phone, he loves me all the time. Every time we text, and I write I love you he writes back Ditto! This drives me up the wall. Am I being silly or...
  5. Folie

    Seedy Pearl

    Sorry if this doesn't go here, I'm not sure what subforum to post this. Is Seedy Pearl pink or purple? I want it, but not sure to put it in my pink or purple palette.
  6. Folie

    Used Brush

    There's a brush I want from MAC, but not sure on it. If I buy it and use it, and clean it and reshape, can it be returned?
  7. Folie

    Help me find a dupe

    Hey all. I have showstopper from the all ages, all races collections. I LOVE it. It's just a great outer V color and it compliments my skin and eyes very nicely. However, it's LE. I have a few backups but just wondering what eyeshadow is a dupe for it? It doesn't have to be MAC. I just want a...
  8. Folie

    Launch party

    I got an invite to the Liberty of London Launch. I kinda wanna go, but two things are making me say no. One, it's a Tuesday. Two, I have a gift card and don't want anything at the moment. So, I'm gonna put that towards the London collection. So, I doubt I could use a giftcard at a launch. So...
  9. Folie

    Why you should always buy back ups...

    I placed an oder a few days a go, well two , and got some shadows. One of my shadows, pincurl, got busted. So, now, I have one to tid me over until the new one comes (I called Mac Customer Service and they're sending me another). I'm debating on wheather to try to repress (for a palette) it or...
  10. Folie

    First Haul.

    First haul. Just eyeshadows. So might be boring. I got: Quarry Copperplate Filament Sable Omega Patina Tempting Honesty Woodwinked Mystery Antiqued Bronze Concrete Coquette Smut Plumage Now, I have two brown palettes and one for odds and ends. I'm not happy with the arrangment and might redo...
  11. Folie

    Mineralized Quads

    I have some mac make up, but don't know it as well as some people. I want one of the mineralized eyeshadow quads. I just have one question, though. With four in one, will the colors eventual run or will it start to like turn into one big mess as you use it? Thanks.