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  1. Fizzymartini

    Who is your style icon? [PICS!]

    Sorry if this has been done before, but whose style/look do you admire the most? Let's create a gallery! Mine changes constantly, but my style-flavour of the moment is Zooey Deschanel... I'd never heard of her before I watched "Hitchhikers Guide", but I thought she was gorgeous, and a few...
  2. Fizzymartini

    Holiday brushsets over time

    Is it just me, or has the quality of the holiday brush sets really changed over time? I was comparing my bronze set (from 2004/5? I forget) with the Fringe '06 set, and there are a number of differences: - Most obviously, they've downsized the number of brushes (5 down from 6), and changed...
  3. Fizzymartini

    #213 or #239 for eyes?

    Ladies, I require your opinion! Shall I get the 213 or the 239 for shadowing my asian (with a bit of a crease) eyes? Cheeers
  4. Fizzymartini

    Quick Question...

    Does anyone know how much the Formal Black Dress Set lipglass/lustreglass boxes were sold for in the UK?
  5. Fizzymartini

    Desperately seeking a certain tutorial...

    HAllooo!! Wow, it's been a while since I last came here. Circumstances dictated that I had to put my MAC love on the backburner for a while... but coming back here is like revisiting an old home BUT I am desperately looking for this one MAC tutorial I *think* was on here. I had it bookmarked...
  6. Fizzymartini

    first FotD (Spring Ball FotN - purples galore!)

    Heyoo, lovelies! Right, this is my first time posting up a FotD, so any constructive criticism would be fantastic. OK, no buck-passing: it's crap. I have a lot to learn about MU, and I have no blending skills; I'd love love love some feedback from you awesome ladies whose FotDs I've been...
  7. Fizzymartini

    Inane Question about Specktra Banners

    OK, so this will seem like a silly question, but do you have one place on the site where you've put all the Specktra banners like a gallery - with the MAC postcard image in the background and the little cartoon version on the right? (ie. look up!) I'm so completely in love with them, and...
  8. Fizzymartini

    Help: Creative/Avant-Garde Makeup for Themed Ball! (PICS)

    Having marvelled the extreme talent of all the posters in Specktra, I thought you’d be the perfect people to help me out for this little dilemma! It’s prom season, and my college is hosting a themed ball in 2 weeks. The theme is along the lines of ‘Urban Fairytale’. I bought a pretty floaty...
  9. Fizzymartini

    Image change alert – new hair! (PICS)

    OK, so I’ve never posted a pic before so you won’t know what I looked like pre-cut (long, layered, side parting). But it’s still pretty extreme. I got it done as a model at a hairdressing school, and said they could do what they liked. Some of the students asked to take pictures of my hair just...
  10. Fizzymartini

    Lipgelees vs. TLCs

    Lipgelees vs. TLCs... what's the difference? (Apart from the fact that one comes in a tube and the other in a cute cartoon pot ) And which do you prefer?
  11. Fizzymartini

    Recs for Complementary Colours?

    Please help me! I bought Expensive Pink, and am looking for colour/s to go with it for an everyday look. I aim to blend and create all sorts of effects! Right now I'm liking the boldly-coloured liner (e.g. blue peep fluidline; a thin wet line of Swimming etc), so maybe a neutral-ish look to...
  12. Fizzymartini


    Hmm... I was just looking (admiring) my new fluidline... and although it's smooth and full at the brim, not all the blue is touching the sides. I seem to have a large air bubble inside. Does anyone else find this... or am I being cheated out of product? Sorry if I sound paranoid...
  13. Fizzymartini

    Hi from a shiny little newbie!

    Hi! After a week of lurking I thought it's finally time to join up and say hi I'm relatively new to make-up, though I've been a happy lurker of MuA for ages. As an poor undergrad student hailing from London, I can't really afford my fave make-up brands (MAC and Urban Decay) but I like to...