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  1. trishee03

    site with future MAC looks

    I was just wondering what happened to the thread w/that couture site linked in it? The one w/all the past and present MAC looks. I posted on it and now it's gone...
  2. trishee03

    MSF prices up $1?

    On the website they're listed as $23.50. Did the price go up in stores also?
  3. trishee03

    Lingerie Pics on ebay

    omg the skinfinishes look amazing!! QcmdZViewItem
  4. trishee03

    Pics of Holiday Stash Box

    Look what I found!
  5. trishee03

    Isabella Blow Question

    Does anyone know the date that this is coming out? I want it! thanks
  6. trishee03

    Pro Product Recommendations

    Awesome, I'll check those out. Anyone else have favorites?