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  1. V15U4L_3RR0R

    Reviews on the ArtDeco line Please

    I'm looking for reviews on this whole line basically. I'm definitely going to buy the eye shadow base but I was wondering what their Eyeshadows and Foundations were like mostly but any other reviews are welcome. Thanks in advance ladies! xxx
  2. V15U4L_3RR0R

    Under the Sea EOTD

    Was having a bit of a play and this is what I came up with. I was humming Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid the whole time I was doing it. Also please excuse my messy hair. I took the pictures just before I styled it. Products Used: MAC Select Cover-up NW15 (base) MAC Pigment in Azreal...
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    Olive green smokey look.

    One of my latest and probably one of my favourites so far heh. Hope you guys like this and find it useful I know my camera and sound isn't great but you'll hopefully get the gist of it. YouTube - Tutorial: Olive smokey
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    Gah I forgot how much fun taking pictures is!

    So I recently aquired an Olympus OM-2n Film SLR camera and a couple of lenses and I'm having so much fun with it! Taking photo's is so addictive! My next venture is getting a macro lens. Are any of you into photography? What kind of camera/s do you use? are you a film or digital kind of person?
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    Has anyone tried or currently used the oil cleansing method?

    I saw a few youtube vids on this and I wanted to know more about it. So have any of you ladies tried it or currently using this method? Got any good 'recipes'?
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    Are you a wrinklephobe?

    Do you worry about wrinkles and such?
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    How jealous are you and what would you consider cheating?

    I was curious so I thought I'd start this one up. I'll be straight up honest and say I really don't get jealousy at all. I don't mind if other girls/guys flirt with him and he flirts back a bit or if he tells his friends things or whatever. I guess it just doesn't cross my mind that he'd ever...
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    Pimp up FOTD

    I wanted to try my hand at the pinup girl look but I wore my pimping hat as well so this is a pimp up look lol. I wanted my eyes to be very understated and not too defined but I might go a little heavier next time. Face: ME ME ME Perfecting Base ME ME ME Mattifying foundation in porcelain Mac...
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    Skin/Body Myths

    Know any? Got one you'd like to share? i love this forum because it's an education in looking after ourselves and treating ourselves right so I thought I'd add this in. I've seen quite a few myths busted in various places on the forum but I thought it might be a pain to trawl through posts to...
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    A Silver Fog over a Golder's Green Pesto which turned it Blue.

    My first ever FOTD so be kind lol. My camera washed out the colour annoyingly so I'm going to try and explain what I did a little bit as well Face: Lush Dream Cream Elemis Lquid Layer spf 30 ME ME ME Perfecting base in Pearl ME ME ME Mattifying Foundation in #1 Porcelain Mac Select Cover up...
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    Music that moves you?

    The reason I post this is out of curiosity and because I got some CD's today and they totally move me. They just resonate with me completely. They can make me feel, Happy, sad, crazy and euphoric. Often at the same time as well lol. So what moves you? I'm sort of interested to see...
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    What do you celebrate at this time of year?

    Do you celebrate Christmas, Hanukka, Eid, Yule, Kwanzaa or other? What kind of things do you do on the day? Do you have nay rituals you ike to do with your family? I'm kind of curious about it as you only ever hear about Christmas but not the others.
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    Ok so I just had a facial treatment with the Elemis range and the products are amazing!!!!!!!! I cannot recommend them enough. The tri-enzyme cleanser was just wow and the resurfacing serum was soooo full of win. Not sure what else she used on me apart from the Frangipani oil to give me a...
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    What does Microdermabrasion feel like?

    Ok I'm going for my first microdermabrasion on Tuesday and I'm really excited as I've always wanted to try it. But I was curious as to what it feels like? I realize that each persons experience will differ slightly but I just wanted some input and to get a general idea. What have your...
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    Rant about boobs and bras.

    I love boobs I really do but sometimes they just grow at the most inconvenient times lol. About two months ago I came into some money so I treated myself to new bras because I was in desperate need. I ended up spending £100 on bras and a top with a built in invisible bra which I love. But not...
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    How often do you wash your hair?

    Just wondering out of curiosity. Also how many times a day do you brush it? I was mine every 4 days minimum but sometimes I'll leave it about a week. However if I've just stuck a dye in it, I leave it for about a week and a half to two weeks coz I find it keeps my colour longer. When My hair...
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    Religious Extremists.

    What is your veiw on Religion and religious extremists? The most common example would be Muslims. Well I say common in the sense that it's the one we probably all know about given recent events and so on. I ma by no means saying that all Muslims are gonna go and blow you up and so on. Have...
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    What are your thoughts on this? For those of you that don't know what it is, Euthanasia is the term used for an assisted suicide. Basically helping someone who wants to die but for whatever reason, can't do it by themselves. There have been cases of this but more often than not, the person...
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    Hey there ^_^

    Hi! I'm Flo! I just joined the forum because it looks awesome and I'm still learning about make up. I'm 18 and live in the UK I really enjoy experimenting with different make up and pushing the boundaries a bit. And I love playing about with colour. So hopefully you guys will help me with that.