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  1. BenefitAddict

    Collecting MAC Looks w/o Wasting Ink

    If you're like me, you have been ripped off by Epson's printer scam. You have to have all three colors (yellow, magenta & cyan) AND black available at the same time to print something. Jeez louis! So, unless you have an ink tree in your backyard, you might as well read this tutorial. It's how to...
  2. BenefitAddict

    My Non-MAC Collection (Pic heavy ๏̯͡๏)

    GO TO GALLERY ImageShacka9 - Gallery Images 1&2 My trunk! It has Lisa Frank's Star girl. Image 3 Top-Pure Ice in Wild Thing; Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Black Out; Wet'n'Wild Rock Solid Nail Laquer in Sparkling Diamonds; NYC in Taxi Yellow Creme Middle-CoverGirl Boundless Color...
  3. BenefitAddict

    Which UD Lip Plumper Do You Prefer?

    Big Fatty or Blow?
  4. BenefitAddict

    MAC Hardcore Porn Awards

    Best Eyeshadows: Exactly how it sounds! Who has the most, the best, the rarest? Best Eyelash Collection: I chose the gal with the lushest, fullest, rarest, wide range of faux eyelashes. Drugstore Diva Award: Those who choose inexpensive products Best Face Makeup Award: Those who pick out nice...
  5. BenefitAddict

    Wal-Greens Celebrates Black History Month

    If you are offended easily by race stuff, please do not read this. I found this image on the Internet. It took me a moment to find out what was so different about it, then I realized. The image was so messed up and wrong that I laughed my ass off. I am white, by the way. I don't find the...
  6. BenefitAddict

    How do you collect all that loot???

    (Sorry, this might not be the right forum.) I'm just curious because I have seen people with lots and lots and LOTS of MAC. How do you collect everything? How do you get all the money for it? Tips, please! Thank you
  7. BenefitAddict

    Where kind I find/Can somebody please post...

    The full complete list of all MAC products? I'm a new collector, but I am really in love with MAC. I want it all! Please & Thanks
  8. BenefitAddict

    "Back-to-School Haul" Plan

    Haven't hauled yet, but here's what I'm looking to buy: -Travel Bottle 2 oz/2 -Moisturelush Cream -Solar Field Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden -Eye shadow in Submarine -Lipgelee in Slicked Pink $82 - Expensive? Not that any of you care, but I'm going to split my cash four ways...I'm just...
  9. BenefitAddict

    Is this possible?

    I have never gotten my nails professionally done. However I have quite a few polishes (about 10 I think). I'm really not very good at painting, so whenever it dries, I usually chew off all the coloring because of the smudges and imperfections. Can I bring a bottle of polish from home to the...
  10. BenefitAddict

    Violet Blue? - Pic Heavy

    M'kay so my hair has this weird, very light, very blonde, slightly sandy, cool-warm color to it. It has a zillion hues of blonde in it, and lucky for me, it's O' naturel, so everyone says it's one of my best features and stuff, but I've been thinking about coloring it bluish-purple! You see, my...
  11. BenefitAddict

    A few questions about some products

    I've studied the products of MAC but haven't bought many of them. So, I'm planning for my next haul, and I have a few questions about some products on my list. 1. Multipurpose Matte cream: Is it translucent like jelly, or is it white like cold cream? Is it sticky and does it crack when it...
  12. BenefitAddict

    My *very tiny!* Collection

    Alright, fine! It's nawt exactly a collection yet. But it's okay! All I have is Lustreglass in Spring Bean. But I'm saving my money as much as possible so I can add to my MAC.