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  1. GemmaAntonia

    I need more blushes & lippies. Please rec some???

    Hi guys, I need to buy more MAC blushes (I only have pink swoon) and more lipsticks (I have romanced, immodest & snob). Can you please recommend me some that you think will suit me? Also, I'm thinking I might be an NW15 foundation shade, what do you guys think? Here's a pic of me: Thanks guys.
  2. GemmaAntonia

    Post your bedroom :)

    I thought it'd be an interesting post. I'll edit this soon with mine
  3. GemmaAntonia

    First fotd - Pink, purple & orange

    I love this and its a lot more vibrant when you see it but my camera wouldn't pick the colour up very well P.s. ignore my hair, i hadn't done it. And a crappy close up of my eye... Face: The body shop face base MAC select cover-up in NW15 L'Oreal infallible in porcelain MAC pressed blot...
  4. GemmaAntonia

    Must have pigments!?!

    I have alot of eyeshadows already and want to start getting into pigments, so what are some must have pigments? Thanks.
  5. GemmaAntonia

    Brow colour similar/identical to MACs brow finisher in cinnamon?

    Is there a brow shader by MAC thats the same shade as Cinnamon in the brow finisher? Or does any other brand have a good eyebrow shader in a similar shade? Thanks in advance!
  6. GemmaAntonia

    Rec me a brow colour please?

    I want to get either one of those brow shaders, brow sets or brow finishers from MAC. Which one and which colour would you recommend for me? Here's a pic of me below, sorry about the funny face lol Thanks!
  7. GemmaAntonia

    Recs for Mac e/s for fire looks?

    Like yellows, oranges, reds etc. I lovelovelove yellows, oranges & reds but don't have any... yet!! I want to try & do something like this: Thanks guys!
  8. GemmaAntonia

    Lush for a lad?

    I want to buy my boyfriend some stuff from Lush but I'm not sure what. What would you recommend for a guy?
  9. GemmaAntonia

    First fotd!! Moonbathe + 1 other fotd! [IMG HEAVY]

    So, this morning my two moonbathe eyeshadows arrived in the post. Isn't firespot gorgeous!?! I've just ordered a backup My eyebrows look weird in some of the pics, they're even in real life, i promise! And I'm actually growing the dye out of my hair at the moment too (Images are clickable)...
  10. GemmaAntonia

    Recs on blush for an NW15?

    I don't own any MAC blushes at the moment and I'd like to buy one tonight but I'm not sure what would look good with my skin colouring. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  11. GemmaAntonia

    Making eyes appear larger? Help?

    I have quite small eyes and I was wondering how I'd make them look larger with eye shadow, liner ect. Help? Thanks in advance!
  12. GemmaAntonia

    Fruity/floral fragrances?

    I absolutely love Hugo Boss Deep Red apart from the fact that it doesnt last long at all, so I want to try some other fruity, floral fragrances. What are your favourites?
  13. GemmaAntonia

    My kitten doesn't like my MAC brush!?!

    My kitten obviously hates my 213 eyeshadow brush since while I was in the bathroom this morning he sneakily went into my room & pulled my brush down from my desk and started chewing on it I caught him red (or should i say brush) handed. Picture attached.
  14. GemmaAntonia

    Which foundation shade would i be? *edited w/pics*

    I wear L'Oreal Infallible in Porcelain and it matches my skin tone EXACTLY. Does anyone know what MAC foundation shade I would be? Also, can you recommend a nice blush to go with my skin tone? Oh & here's a pic of me: Thanks in advance!
  15. GemmaAntonia

    The quick, guys dragged me out the store haul

    So, I bought some stuff and then I saw e/s that I wanted to have a look at but my guy friends pulled me out the store before I could buy anymore So now I have to go back and buy some more. What e/s would you recommend, especially ones that make blue eyes pop. I have light blue eyes and pale...
  16. GemmaAntonia

    Hey there!

    Hi, I'm Ashleigh if you haven't guessed. I'm from England, Uk and I joined a few days ago but completely forgot to introduce myself so here's me doing it.