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  1. mouthygirl95820

    been a long time but im back!fotd

    i hope yall enjoy im a work in progress i useddddd face avon stick thang(dont know the name because has no name on it it was from the uk though) concealer blushes:lightly tan and lightly plum eye brows brown black eye shadow jane fan club clear mascara eyes nyx jumbo eye shadow pencil...
  2. mouthygirl95820

    its time for pinkXDDD

    here my second fotd.i used these pens i just got.its hard to use pens im not use to it at all.tried brushes they dont i used what god gave me my fingers! eyes (nyx jumbo pencil hot pink as base organe as outwards strawberry milk as highlighter) milani shock on lid este lauder sp mascra...
  3. mouthygirl95820

    is there any way i can be an ma without..

    hey everyone i been thinkin of being a makeup artist but the thing is i dont wanna work at a counter sellin make there any way i can be a make up artist without havin to sell make up?any suggest of things i can do. :confused: i just really wouldnt find my self comfortable sellin things to...
  4. mouthygirl95820

    first fotd ghetto culture bloom XD

    ok please bare with me this my first time doin this lmao my brother let me use his camara and i took the pics all by myself i was inspired to do this by seein the meber culture bloom pic and i got this style from one meber in particular. here we go EYES i used milani shock on the...
  5. mouthygirl95820

    heye im new

    heye everyone my names melissa or mel.ive been lookin at this forum i think for a month and i finally got the courage to introduce myself.i love it here everyone seem so freidnly and this board is FULL of great artists.i dont really know how to do makeup im just learnin by lookin at ur posts and...