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  1. NewlyMACd

    Style Warrior Queen

    It's been a long while. Facebook has taken me from you guys Now that I figured out how to get a decent pic without being in the sun, I should post many more photos. Enjoy and CC is ALWAYS helpful as I'm just starting out. What I used: Brows- dark brown from the 88 palette Studio...
  2. NewlyMACd

    Oh Dolly oh Dolly My Baby

    I did a real quick look using the Too Dolly palette. I really like these colors. Oh and they are much brighter in person. I'm not sure why these came out light. Ok yall I tried a hundred times to rotate it. Not sure what the hell is going on. sorry for having to tilt your head Face...
  3. NewlyMACd

    Very very first FOTD

    Ladies let me start by saying you all have inspired me to do this. Now I do need some CC. Can anyone tell me how to get that triangle look to the lips? You can see I tried but I wanna be able to do it, if at all possible. Oh and I managed to do it crooked. This almost look like the...
  4. NewlyMACd

    what type of e/s is Starflash?

    Ok so I have a huge list of shadows I want. This is how I have started my collection. I cross them off if I buy them or if I go and swatch them and I don't like them. I noticed on MAC's site that a lot of the shadows that are being discontinued are Starflash. I don't know what that is. I...
  5. NewlyMACd

    How often you go to MAC?

    I find that I have been going every week almost. I believe it's because I'm just getting into it and I am trying to get my necessities. Now I'm hoping once I have what I have that my visits will slow unless they keep putting out collections at the rate they have been. So how often do you...
  6. NewlyMACd

    saying hello

    Hi all. I'm new here and new to the MAC world but have grown to love it fast as ever. I am already addicted and it's been just a year. Not a productive year but now the addiction has kicked in full throttle and it takes some discipline to not go broke buying the products. So hello to...