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    Share your business plans/money making schemes...

    What do you like doing actually? Maybe you should start with that? There are so many businesses you can start today, without even going outside. Digital world has to limits and most of the things can be done through microsoft teams calling only. Just find what you like and learn to do it a...
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    some advice about marketing books

    Check some marketing courses - that's first. Second - if you have a serious business, maybe you consider hiring a professional marketing company who will do the job for you. - those are Thryv reviews for example, the company we work with for the...
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    Clothing store with the best return policy?

    I recently discovered for myself a new brand, after reading Roamans reviews on this website They return policies are quite good actually but i didn't have to return too many items so far. The fit is mostly true to the size, even for the jeans...
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    Online consultations?

    In many different areas online consultations can be as effective as the normal ones. My hearing test online few weeks ago turned out to be absolutely accurate and the professional audiologist confirmed it afterwards. Of course it all depends and in some cases we shouldn't wait to see a doctor...
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    How to lose weight

    None of the diets work for me so this time i decided to go with the fasting. Read tons of articles about it in this blogоng-is-it-safe-to-fast/ and i think i am ready to try it out. I will definitely share my experience with this community afterwards.
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    What Do You Love To Wear During Spring?

    Shorts and t-shirts mostly but this spring is extremely cold. Today i want for a walk with my whole family and we all were wearing winter jackets! Half of us are sick (throat pain, cough, running nose etc etc) and we can't wait for our order from canadian pharmacy to arrive soon, so we can get...
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    What have you bought recently?

    Lots of groceries, new sneakers, baby clothes
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    VCA Jewelry

    That is the best jewelry ever in my wife's opinion. As for me, i am not a big fan of jewelry for men, accept watches of course. Have been checking Breguet watches on for a while now and these days will finally place my order. I think with such a watch on my wrist i will feel at...
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    Does music helps to increase focus?

    Highly depends on the kind of music. Sometimes music helps me to don't hear the constant ringing in my ears (some people call it tinnitus). It is a very annoying thing and even considered to get myself some hearing aids, but according to online hearing test , my hearing is absolutely fine and i...
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    I tried buying workout clothes

    I like Lululemon for sportive clothes. Some of my pieces are probably 5 years old and still in the perfect condition. No idea why Lululemon Athletica reviews here are not so good. Maybe some people just expect too much from a clothing. Is it possible?
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    Please share your experience with laser removal for stretch marks Cost & Area

    I tried all the creams i could find for the stretch marks removal but unfortunately it didn't help at all. Looking into direction of laser treatments now. Anyone actually did those? Is it effective?
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    Natural cosmetics taking growth in organic industry, isn't it??

    It is very difficult to find something natural these days.