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  1. m0rg3nst3rn

    Egyptian Goddess Nut Inspired

    I did a look today that represented the Egyptian Goddess Nut. She was the goddess of the sky, so I chose blues and silvery and luminous colors as well as black. The list of products I used and more pictures can be found in my blog. The link is within my signature.
  2. m0rg3nst3rn

    Bastet Inspired look

    For the next look in my Ancient Egyptian inspired looks, I chose the Goddess Bastet. More pictures, inspiration info and a list of products used are in my blog. The link is in my signature.
  3. m0rg3nst3rn

    Strada Blush

    I was just wondering if any other WOC have tried Strada Blush as a neutral blush? I know the fairer girls use it as a contour but I was wondering if it could be used as a blush for us. I'm NC40-ish BTW. Thanks.
  4. m0rg3nst3rn

    Anubis Inspired look

    On my blog I've been doing an Ancient Egyptian Series. I have been at it forever and it's taking some time (I've been at it since February and have only had time to post four looks...le sigh). Anyway, this is what I came up with for Anubis. If you would like to know which...
  5. m0rg3nst3rn

    MSF Question

    Does anyone know if the working name of Northern Lights or any of the other MSFs was Fire Island? I have heard of this name twoce and one person said it's Northern Lights and another said that it was a MSF that was never released. Does anyone know, especially someone that has been working for...
  6. m0rg3nst3rn

    How much would you pay for Pleasureflush

    So, I know that there are a few people around looking to purchase this MSF, including myself....BUT, how much would you actually spend to have it? What would be your maximum? I can tell you that I would NOT spend $275 dollars for it, especially with the things happening in my life right...
  7. m0rg3nst3rn

    IMATS Los Angeles 2011 Question

    I have yet to get my ticket, which sucks for me because Saturday exhibit only sold out quite a bit ago. I'd have to pay for the full day and from what I heard, the exhibitors run out of product by end of day Saturday, so is there a point in going on Sunday? I don't know if I would really want to...
  8. m0rg3nst3rn

    Fake Pigment?!?! Heeeeeeelp!

    So, I bought two pigments from a blog sale. One of them I am sure is real, pink pearl. The other, I am not so sure about...It is Night Light and I never had any jars from '06, so I don't know what they look like and when I searched on the web the writing on the jars did come in this format, but...
  9. m0rg3nst3rn

    Pictureless CCO Haul

    It's late and I'm getting ready for bed, so no pictures, I'm sorry. Here's what I got though... -French Quarter Greasepaint Stick -Ming Blue Nail Laquer -Jade Dragon Nail Laquer -Vile Violet e/s -Submarine e/s -Banshee e/s -Rani e/s -Zingy e/s -Band of Roses...
  10. m0rg3nst3rn

    Style Black MES on Ebay?

    So, I have been looking for two of the MES's from Style Black and I always get beat to them or they are extremely used for a high price, so I have been looking around on Ebay. Do you all know if the mineralized eyeshadows from this collection are being faked and sold on ebay? Please let me know...
  11. m0rg3nst3rn

    Graphblack Technakohl

    What is with Graphblack not being in any of the stores around me? For the last three weeks none of my stores, including the pro store have gotten it in stock. They keep expecting it to be in a shipment and it hasn't been. WTH??? Yesterday one artist told me that a girl went to check them...
  12. m0rg3nst3rn

    Thunder Eyeshadow????

    I was wondering if Thunder eyeshadow was only released in the Blue Storm Collection? If it was not, when was it also released? I am looking for it and found someone on Ebay that has it. I asked for the batch code and they told me it was B49... Wasn't the Blue Storm collection in 2007? If it...