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  1. stacey

    I'm a procrastinator, WEE!!

    Hola ladies! I finally got the urge to actually do something tonight while my husband "watched" my younger son who happens to be in a bad mood because he is teething, which in turn has made him sick. Anyway, I got a new hair cut today and decided it was time to take pictures with my broken...
  2. stacey

    Aaliyah's DAINESE Motorcycle suit... I NEED TO KNOW!!

    Hey all, It's been bugging me for the longest time but I'm trying to find out what motorcycle suit Aaliyah (RIP) is wearing in "More Than A Woman". I'm trying to find that exact body suit but I have no clue. Pictures, any info would help. Thanks in advance.
  3. stacey

    Should Israel be a state?

    (I'll just post an article that I think is very interesting.) Torah Jews Denounce Israeli State The following is the written text of a speech delivered by Rabbi Yisroel P. Feldman of Neturei Karta International at the Manhattan rally of the Metropolitan Muslim Coalition on April 12, 2002 With...
  4. stacey

    New Hair

    I absolutely am in love with my new hair. I plan to tone it red during fall. It would look perfect because of all the highlights!
  5. stacey

    Girls Vegas Weekend (pic heavy)

    Came back from Las Vegas yesterday around 6ish. To make a long story short: 5 girls + Vegas = fun & trouble! Oh, and let's not forget: All night party + no sleep = a hurting & sleepy Stacey for a 6 hour car ride back to San Diego. *sigh* First night was partied at Body English in Hard Rock...
  6. stacey

    2nd Year Wedding Anny FOTN

    The hubby sent me for a day of pampering at the local day spa then we went out for some BOMB steak at Ruth Cris Steak House in Del Mar. I swear this FOTN looked 10x better in person.. it's been so hot and humid in San Diego that the minute you get out of the shower you are sweating already...
  7. stacey


    I'm trying to find a really sexy/cute one-piece swimsuit for when I go to Vegas in Aug. Any suggestions? I'm not trying to spend an arm and a leg for it either. Thanks in advance.
  8. stacey

    This looks better than my headshot

    I'll try and remember off the top of my head what I used. I only took 1 picture because my digi's screen is cracked. *sniff* Today is a sad day! My poor digi didn't have a chance... Anyways... Blossoming creme blush Bamboo e/s - entire lid Brown Down e/s - crease Pink Freeze e/s - lower lid...
  9. stacey

    B&W Photography Makeup

    Quick question, What do you guys perfer to pair with a smokey eye? Dark or light lipstick?
  10. stacey

    Organizing your Makeup

    I wanted to know how people organize their makeup. I mean not at home but when you're a traveling makeup artist. I know traincases help, but honestly, how much can you really put in 1 traincases? I was thinking of purchasing the roll-along traincases but unsure as to if I should or not...
  11. stacey

    Photoshoot concealor/foundation/powder

    I was wondering the best concealor/foundation/powder for a photoshoot. Obviously I don't want the model to be shiney but want her to be matte and true to her skin color. Flaweless application with the brush or the laytex sponge a bit damn? Anything will help. Thanks in advance!
  12. stacey

    What do ya'll do for a living?

    Just wanted to see what you guys do for a living. Me.. right now I'm a Loan Officer Assistant at Chase Home Finance. Going to be a Loan Officer (I was previously at Countrywide) but just needed a foot in the door cause I took off for 8 months while I was pregnant. Also a Notary Public and...
  13. stacey

    The fastest way to lose weight? (1 1/2 months)

    Okay, so my office is betting on who can lose the most weight in a month & a half time period. It's $100 buy-in so the winner receives $500 total. Obviously this would persuade anyone to try and win right? Anyways, I need your help girls. I LOVE food, it's not even funny. I just had a baby 7...
  14. stacey

    More Fun Than A Barrel of Monkeys!

    This was yesterday night. My friend invited me to her friend's birthday party... Obviously their "theme" was "rock star" so I decided to spike my hair! Needless to say every other girl at that party wanted to be "cute punk" with their Pompador and I was the only girl with a hawk. It was SO fun...
  15. stacey

    "I don't remember what I used" FOTD

    Haven't posted in a while so I decided to tonight. I honestly vaguely remember what I used for both FOTDs. Chrome Yellow, Orange & Cranberry. Waveline fluideline. Dollymix blush w/ Golden Kitty (something or other) on top of that. (It's the dual tone blush.) As well as Sketch, Da...
  16. stacey

    New Hair (kinda bad picture)

    So I ended up cutting my hair like Darling Niki on MySpace & I colored it one color - Chocolate Brown This is kind of a bad picture but it's cute... at least I think. I'll post more (w/ FOTDs of course) in the near future. I have this rockstar party I'm going to in 2 weeks and I plan to...
  17. stacey

    I don't remember what I used FOTD

    I don't really remember what I used for this FOTD but I remember Carbon. Enjoy.
  18. stacey

    New hair style - OPINIONS!!

    Hey guys, I've come to the conclusion that it's time for me to have a new hair style/hair color. I've been thinking and I really want something that looks professional but at the same time when I want to go wild I can. I work in the Mortgage/Real Estate industry so I have to be conservative...
  19. stacey

    Husband's Christmas party + pics of my fav MAC gal

    So my husband's Christmas party was yesterday night and we had a blast. My girlfriend from the MAC counter did my makeup (as usual - I hardly ever do my makeup when I go out to "special events. me = lazy) and I have to say this is my favorite look so far that she has done on me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE...
  20. stacey

    1..2..3 FOTDs!

    I haven't posted in a while so I'll post 3 FOTDs. Simple. Natural. Lately I haven't been in the mood to play with my makeup so I decide to go natural with the makeup. This was today's. Electra & Deep Truth on the eyes. Slave to Love on the cheeks. I don't think I used lipstick in this...