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  1. megan92

    I need help :(

    I apologize in advance if this seems like a whiney post but here I go... *sigh* I'll try to condense it. I am an 18 yr old college freshman and have never had a boyfriend, not even one of those silly elementary week-long-or-less deals. I guess it's not so much a relationship problem so...
  2. megan92

    My first haul post?!? :3

    Welp, here's what I acquired lately Kinda on a lip gloss kick, ahem... Sephora F&F Lorac Multiplex glosses in Vivid and Cliche Buxom Laura Does London Duo Nars blush in Luster Too Faced eyeshadow duo in Teddybear/Heaven, actually from eBay (not pictured)Too Face eyeshadow...
  3. megan92

    Hello from Nebraska >.<

    Hey all! I'm a longtime lurker and I dunno why I've never posted here at all so I thought I'd begin with an introduction. I'm Megan, just turned 18 years old, and I've had a fascination with make-up ever since I was little. I remember trying to wear red lipstick on the first day of pre-school...