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  1. pretty_melody

    MAC X Selena Quintanilla Collection (October 2016)

    I wonder if this means my orders gonna get cancelled...:(
  2. pretty_melody

    Whats your occupation? *How do you get out of a dead-end job*

    So I was wondering what do you all do as an occupation? I know on this forum the last thing anyone wants to talk about I'm sure is their job, but I was wondering if I could get some help from all you lovely people on here. I'm 25 and stuck in a seriously going nowhere fast food job. I don't...
  3. pretty_melody

    Stuck *a long rant on life*

    I honestly don't really know where to go when it comes to asking for advice on life and deep things in general. I feel as though all you lovely ladies are so wonderful and real I thought maybe I could ask you. I'm kind of stuck in a pretty hard place right now when it comes to my life. Over the...
  4. pretty_melody

    cco haul!

    So I decided to head to the ellenton premium outlets and check out the cco. They had some nice stuff not amazing but very nice. I also found this to be really cool apparently this one came from a Korean mac store. I love all things asian such as cosmetics,culture, etc...
  5. pretty_melody

    Small asian beauty haul

    I received my order from a couple days ago. I got *shills cherry blossom makeup cleansing oil *alice in wonderland blue set of my beauty diary mask variety set *Fairy Drops platinum mascara *the skin 79 travel size bb cream is from the skin 79 website from a month ago...
  6. pretty_melody

    nyx haul

    I found out the mall I work at just opened up a store entirely stocked with nyx cosmetics and opi polishes what a dream! I got Color palette for blue eyes *this is for my friend Lip liners in Coral,nude pink, soft brown and nude beige Nyx jumbo eye pencils in pots...
  7. pretty_melody

    valentine gift ideas?

    I have no idea what to get my bf for valentines day. I wanna get him something nice that he likes but he says he doesn't need anything. We've been together for 3 1/2 years
  8. pretty_melody

    love chub

    Why is it that when your in a relationship you always wind up gaining a ton of weight? Ive been with my boyfriend and living with him for three years. I've gained like 40 pounds he's also gained weight as well. For some reason I just dont want to be intimate with him anymore. I hate my body and...
  9. pretty_melody

    bittersweet haul

    so today I decided to go to the cco after work and see what they had. I wound up spending more than I thought I would ugh. I got prim and proper blush, a hello kitty makeup bag, 165 brush and mac lightful moisture cream. My boyfriend told me I was pathetic for spending that much money on that...
  10. pretty_melody


    So I've been thinking about getting a vibrator for the longest time, but theirs so many options. I've never had one before and I dont really know where to start looking. I work at the mall where theirs a Spencers but I'm kind of embarrassed to go in there after work. Does anyone have any...
  11. pretty_melody

    My I got a new job collective haul

    Urban decay Naked palette Urban decay skull shadow box Urban decay summer of love nail kit China Glaze Ruby pumps Bobbi brown corrector in light peach Maybelline mineral concealer Rimmel lip pencil in natural Stila longwear lip color in adorable and paramour Stila lip...
  12. pretty_melody

    My stash so far