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  1. cinnybuns

    Need to cancel out purple/Red reaction!!

    Every summer my blood is like a drug to mosquitos. My skin turns dark purple/maroon because I am so allergic. What color cancels out the purple? And has anyone used the Mac Studio Finish Skin Corrector? Do you perform the pan or the liquid? What are you tips!
  2. cinnybuns

    Concealer confusion

    Can anyone confirm how one matches their concealer to their skintone? I have NC30 skin, and my Mac MA said to use NW Studio Finish to cover up my redness on the corner of my nose and cheeks. But when I use it, it seems a bit too salmon color on my skin.... Thanks, Confused
  3. cinnybuns

    Refridgerating l/s & l/g?

    Has anyone here refridgerated there backup l/g and l/s? To prolong the life I purchased xtra dazzleglass before I heard the rumor that they may be going perm. Now that we are approaching summer I don't want the backups to go bad.
  4. cinnybuns

    How do you use, mac moisturblend fdnt?

    About 2 months ago I purchased the moisturblend foundation at the macy's mac counter. The last 3x i've used the fdnt, my face looked so pasted/blotchy with foundation. I've used a fdnt brush, disposable sponge, and 187. All three methods have left me with a cakey look. I've tried everything...
  5. cinnybuns

    Has anyone used the new mac pro products?

    what would you recc for an nc30 skin for the sculpting powder? Also is the lip erase drying?
  6. cinnybuns

    Color reccs for putting together a Mac "work" Palette

    Hi lovely ladies and gents, After a crazy fiasco yesterday with my e/s. I really should put together a palette that I can pop in my purse for emergency's. I work in real estate so looking professional and polished is a must. Can anyone recommend some e/s to put into this palette so I can...
  7. cinnybuns

    Mac - Pettiecoat Q.

    Would anyone know when this item will be re-released? I am obsessed with this item
  8. cinnybuns

    Makeup mirror @ mac pro..

    Hi all i'm not in the industry but was hoping someone could answer this question for me. I was at mac pro today the nyc store, and got my mu done at the "bar" with the big round lighted makeup mirrors. I would like to know the name/brand that made the mirror, so I can purchase one for home...
  9. cinnybuns

    Would you recc the flastronic msf on asian tone skin?

    I've been lemming these forawhile now, but I feel like I can't pull the colors/shimmer off as well...esp during the summer I get "Glowy alot" and i'm scare the shimmer would amplify that much more...what do you guys thing? MA at mac pro said i was nc30...I think i'm a fair skin asian.
  10. cinnybuns

    raccoon eyes

    Can anyone recc any products to stop raccoon eyes? I currently have mac fluidlines, and shiseido legenthing (promises to be water/sweat/oilproof) but I still get raccoon eyes
  11. cinnybuns

    Wishing for mac concealer

    I wish mac would re-release the concealer palette... I need to get something with more than 1 shade..
  12. cinnybuns

    Mac pro brick and morter stores...

    Do you have to be a member in order to pick up one e/s? Thanks
  13. cinnybuns

    which SE had the pink short handle and black bristles?

    I'm still a newbie and would love to get my hands on these but I know they are SE and prob not for sale/trade but I would like to know the name of that collection. Thanks
  14. cinnybuns

    Hi from NYC

    Hi everyone, I've heard lots of raves from MUA, which is where I'm at alot of the times. I know this site is more focused on Mac makeup and I am interested in learning more indepth about Mac techniques and products.