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    Blackest Gel Liner

    It's true Inglot is superblack and superstay. It lasts long without smudge. Curious is that Inglot is one of most favourite makeup artist eyeliner all over the world. I recommend Make-Up Atelier Paris too. If you looking for something in beautydrugs try Meybelline Lasting Drama.
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    What is your favorite drink?

    Oh yes! Wine and book or wine and a movie. White wine is my favourite. In the morning coffee time but only with a bit of milk. Sometimes I drink a can of Coke Zero. Especially after work when day is tough.
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    Do you wear jewelry?

    It appears I don't use my jewelry too much. I don't know why. It must be a special occasion or fancy dress. Basically I wear earrings, ear cuffs. On december I wear little snowflakes. I feel Christmas mood. When you are mom you don't think too much about jewelry each and every day ;)