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  1. KJam

    Danse is up on

    I had to do a search, but came up with the quad (woot!)
  2. KJam

    Danse is up on!

    Use the search function it's up on the pro site too!
  3. KJam

    Couture is up on the MAC website

    I thought someone may want to know!
  4. KJam

    Long time, no post - teal, blue brown

    Copied somewhat from the gorgeous Alexa! Base: UDPP Blue Brown pigment (crease) Teal pigment (lid) Aquadisiac e/s (inner corner) Provence pigment (highlight) Peacocked e/l (lower liner) Blitz & Glitz f/l (upper liner) MAC Prep & Prime Lash Zoom Lash - Black
  5. KJam

    Danse MSFs

    Glissade (peachy) and Lightscapade (The next post down should have links with larger pictures)
  6. KJam

    Danse MSFs on eBay The peachier one is glissade This is NOT my auction! Glissade Lightscapade
  7. KJam

    Zandra eye palette back on Also - Pro site is giving the discount now, too!
  8. KJam

    Green FOTD

    I've been shying away from color lately. Here's a change: I used: UD PP Lucky Green Sprout Humid Pollen Club Blitz and Glitz f/l Engraved pp Have a nice day!
  9. KJam


    It's been a LONG time since I've posted - I forgot how much my camera washed colors out! What I used: UD PP Gorgeous Gold Meadowland Aquadisiac Tease N Teal A Bluer Blue Beaded Blacktrack f/l Engraved PP Happy New Year!
  10. KJam

    Lingerie up and available on!

    I just ordered the boudoir quad and the pigments! Woo-hoo!
  11. KJam

    Minty green

    I got my box in from Nordstroms finally - it had Sunsplosion and Lustreleaf eyeshadows, Mercuric and Glamourgold glitter liners. I had to test some of it out! What I used: UD PP Shimmermint s/s Lustreleaf e/s Swimming e/s Pollen e/s Blitz and Glitz f/l Mercuric e/l Engraved p/p Have a nice day!
  12. KJam


    It's probably one of the last sunny German days, so I thought I'd go "sunny" What I used: UD PP Pollen e/s Say Yeah e/s Orange Tangent e/s Acid Orange pigment Mangomix s/s Blitz and Glitz f/l Engraved p/p Mascara X - black
  13. KJam

    Parrot, Night Owl, Platinum, For the Boys

    I was feeling "blue." What I used: UD PP Sea Me s/s (base) Swimming e/s Denim Dish e/s Night Owl e/s Parrot e/s Platinum pigment Naked pigment Blitz and Glitz f/l For the Boys Glitter liner Mascara X Black
  14. KJam


    Warning - bad brow alert! What I used: UD pp Old Gold Pigment Bitter e/s Lucky Green e/s Swimming e/s Sprout e/s Naked Pigment Forever Green p/p Blitz and Glitz f/l Buried Treasure p/p Mascara X (Black)
  15. KJam


    These 2 pictures look totally different in their different lights! What I used: UD PP Blitz and Glitz fl Buried Treasure pp Cranberry e/s Inventive e/s Gold metal pigment Rose Gold pigment Ruby Red Pigment Maroon pigment Naked pigment Mascara X (Black) Have a nice day!
  16. KJam

    Pink EOTD

    A lot of you guys have been rocking the pink, so I figured I would give it a try! Lids: UD PP Water based Mixing medium All girl pigment (inner) Rose pigment (outer) Rose Gold pigment (middle) Pink Opal Pigment (highlight) Living Pink e/s (crease) Lashes: UD Lingerie and galoshes (prime)...
  17. KJam

    Coco Beach - Living pink

    Quick and easy - no time to fuss. Liner: Blitz and Glitz fl (top) Coco Beach pigment with mixing medium (lower) Lashes: UD Lingerie and Galoshes (prime) Mascara X - Black Lids: UD PP Living pink (inner) Coco Beach Pigment (outer) Pink Opal Pigment (highlight)
  18. KJam

    Free to Be Quad

    All of these colors are growing on me now - wasn't so sure if I'd like it when I got it. Lids: UD PP to prime Free to be Quad (Crochet - inner, Free to Be - middle, Smut - outer v, Sensibility - wash and highlight) Liner: Blitz and Glitz (top) Smut (lower) Free to be (waterline) Lashes: UD...
  19. KJam

    Denim Dish 2 Quad EOTD

    I just love this quad. The colors perfectly match a pair of worn jeans, which I seem to always be wearing - as a result, I wear this when I am lazy or uninspired. Liner: Top - Blitz and Glitz f/l Bottom - Navy Stain p/p and Night Owl e/s Lashes: UD Lingerie & Galoshes to prime Mascara X -...
  20. KJam

    Idol eyes / black tied

    Blurry, but in person I really liked the combo as a smokey eyed look. I used: Liner - Blitz and glitz f/l (top) Buried Treasure p/p (lower) Lashes: UD Lingerie and Galoshes (I have like 2 lashes in my head - both short!) Mascara X - black Lids: UD Primer Idol eyes (all over lid) Black tied...